We provide custom Adobe InDesign Plugin and QuarkXPress XTension development for publishers worldwide. Being Technology Partners, we offering publishers intelligent XML-based publishing and content management for print, Web, and digital media.


At Clavis, we offer robust, cost-effective custom plug-in development for both Adobe InDesign as well as Adobe InCopy on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

Our team of developers has decades of experience in developing plug-ins in C++ and using the InDesign SDK. A core focus on Publishing, and expertise ranging from layout automation, digital publishing, database management, ad management and DRM, gives us the ability to deliver world class solutions to top newspapers, magazines and book publishers.


Our team has extensive development experience in multiple facets of publishing automation from layout design to pre-press.

We create custom Quark XTensions that help solve business challenges and create efficiencies in your publishing process.

As publishing professionals, each minute counts, and we develop XTensions that helps streamline your Quark workflow.

Layout Automation

InDesign layout automation and QuarkXPress layout automation plug-ins may not do the full layout 100%, but the definitely save a huge amount of time so designers can focus on the finer points in tweaking layouts. This is not just for catalogs, books and journals, but in industries such as labels, financial reports, marketing teams etc.

Digital Publishing

This is no longer the future, but the present! Tools that extract and format XML from InDesign and Quark layouts to make them e-ready for websites, apps, mobile phones and tablets has given us a wide range of digital content handling.

Ad Management

Advertising booking, page planning and layout for print production – when it comes to display and classified advertisements. Automating pagination in your InDesign / QuarkXPress workflow (be it layout driven or text driven) saves hours in a process where each minute is critical for your news publication.


A workflow is core to any successful publishing setup. Our customised workflow solutions built around InDesign and QuarkXPress have helped publishers, BPOs and other organisations streamline and automate their content publishing workflows, by saving upto 92% for repetitive tasks.


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