TABiT - Digital Publishing Made Easy

Publish your content everywhere with TABiT software for Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Journals, Research Reports, Fund Fact Sheets, Corporate and Government Documents. Get the version of TABiT that’s right for you!

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TABiT Books

With TABiT Books, you get your personalized eStore and Apps so customers can buy and read your Books and eBooks on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

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TABiT for Fact Sheets and Reports

Automate the creation of research reports and fund factsheets into professional design layouts. Leverage review capabilities, reduce human error, get a faster time-to-market, and give your customers access to information via mobile apps anywhere anytime.

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TABiT for QuarkXPress and InDesign

Automate digital publishing from InDesign or QuarkXPress. Convert your publication to an ePaper, eMagazine, website, XML, or apps for the iPhones, iPad, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

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TABiT News

Add content online via a robust control panel and push news to your personal website, ePaper, eReader and apps on all devices and platforms. Choose templates and get up and running with a full fledged digital paper and apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

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TABiT For You

Get in touch with us to understand which version of TABiT is right for your business.

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