Hospitality is a highly competitive industry. Over the last decade, it has been growing at an exponential rate. Whether it is a single boutique hotel or massive hotel chains, hoteliers have to keep an eye on the latest trends which are emerging in the hospitality industry.

In this blog, we will talk about the newest technology trends in the hospitality industry, which will play a huge role in shaping its future.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The impact of AI is going to be strong in the coming years in the hospitality industry. Many enterprises within the industry have started implementing Artificial Intelligence for tasks like housekeeping, which do not need a lot of face-to-face interaction. In the travel industry, Artificial Intelligence is already being used extensively to offer unparalleled guest experience. Feedback collection tools in hotels have their fair share of AI usage including interaction with chatbots, automated reviews, polls, routing and data analysis. The advantage is that hospitality businesses will be able to serve the customers better. A more advanced example is the IBM pilot project – an AI robot named Connie that uses AI and Speech Recognition to respond to guest queries.

Emergence of Smart Rooms

Think of a room that cares about the preferences of the guests. That is what a smart room is exactly! Smart rooms can control the room temperature, television and lights as per the needs of the customer. Hotels use the same voice activated devices used in smart homes. Usually it is difficult to figure out the temperature, lights and other features in a hotel room, but with smart rooms, this problem does not persist. Hilton hotel chain has already started implementing smart technology in its rooms to keep a healthy record of the room data and make the rooms more user-friendly. Smart Rooms provide hotels with a wide range of efficiencies from saving water and electricity to improving guest experience which can perhaps shape the future of hospitality industry.

Guest Data

Processing and accumulating guest data is a decisive factor which can shape the future of the hospitality industry. The correct usage of guest data is vital for providing an optimal and satisfying guest experience. The uses of guest data in hospitality are innumerable and hoteliers are discovering newer possibilities with it. Eg. RepUp Marketing Automation tool helps to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns based on acquired guest data. For instance, if a couple spent their last year’s anniversary in a hotel, then the automation tool can send the couple mails with personalized offers before this year’s anniversary. Business and data analytics can open new fields for us to put our acquired guest data for different applications.

Data Security

This is the age of big data. Data privacy will always be one of the crucial requirements. These days, hotels accumulate and process chunks of guest data. It is important to come up with the right data handling solution to prevent the data from being exploited. Data security and privacy will be the talk of the town for the hospitality industry in the years to come. The European Union has already implemented the General Data Protection Regulation to address the issues related to data security and privacy. Under this regulation, the data of EU residences are handled under stringent guidelines and framework.

Automation with Cloud

Hotel businesses have moved to the cloud. Upgrading to the cloud cuts down running costs on IT support and maintenance. Leading hotel chains across the globe have adopted cloud-based technology. Cloud not only cuts down initial capital investment, but also gives superior operational flexibility to run your hotel anytime, from anywhere across the globe with good connectivity. Running operations, allotting room bookings and managing reservations from a single dashboard becomes easy alongside the flexibility to assign duties, check data, run additional Point of Sale counters and manage folios, thereby reducing the time spent on manual updates. This frees up time to focus on important tasks that enhance guest experience and bring in more ROI. With this system, it is easy to register guest preferences, details and other data. Cloud-based property management system provides an enhanced level of security.

By analyzing and studying the relevant market trends, it is safe to assume that the aforesaid factors will be driving the ROI in hospitality in the years to come. We at Clavis Technologies have a team experienced in designing websites, user-friendly room booking software, AI chatbots and data analytics which benefits hoteliers and guests. We also offer personalization services for hotel marketing, reputation management, SEO and guest retention.