Deep Learning can be called the subpart of machine learning as it teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans, for example, learning.

Deep Learning is the emerging standards for how Machine Learning will evolve and make an impact as Technology takes more quantum leaps towards replacing the need for human resources, with smarter, more humanized tech. Deep Learning is helping machines adopt behavior that come naturally to humans. It is a key technology fueling the advancement of futuristic things like driverless cars. 

It helps machines recognize and respond to factors like traffic signs or differentiate between a lamp post and pedestrian—the perfect example of how this technology is impacting everyday lifestyles.

It is key to functions like voice controlling actions in consumer devices like TVs, tablets, speakers, and smartphones. Deep Learning is helping enterprises to achieve results that earlier seemed impossible due to overdependence on technology or the need for complex software solutions. It can simplify more emerging technologies, helping a business achieve state-of-the-art accuracy, easily exceeding earlier standards for productivity.

In this discussion, we are putting the spotlight on how Deep Learning will make a bigger impact. The most likely points of consumption, and reasons for its increasing adoption…

New Uses of Machine Learning across Multiple Industries 

– Understand with an example…

Deep Learning can be used by enterprises specializing in different industries. It comes without any restrictions, applicable across all verticals. The coming years will witness multiple uses of Machine Learning in industries that have conventionally remained out of Machine Learning’s realm. 

A recent example of this is the US Army. Here, the military has incorporated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict situations where combat vehicles could need repair. This is about a preemptive approach. 

The US Army uses millions of equipment each day, so only an AI Assistant can keep track of the massive volumes of data involved. A dozen of armoured infantry transports is equipped with sensors within the vehicle’s engine. These sensors record temperature and transmit the data to the software. 

Deep Learning capabilities look for patterns, which match earlier, recorded data for reasons like engine failures. If the same Deep Learning technology was used in your car, wouldn’t it be of immense help to you? This is how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning become useful, i.e. the, i.e. they can help avert a crisis.

– Bringing Machine Learning to everyday lives, from Healthcare to Financial Markets

This is not about futuristic military applications, but about Tech becoming more mainstream for everyday users. Artificial Intelligence is not only seeing a growth in the automotive sector but rather it is also finding potential uses in the field of healthcare as well. 

With the help of Deep Learning, hospitals have been able to predict the likelihood of a patient’s death, that too with a shocking 95% accuracy in many scenarios. AI interface created by companies looks at the health history and demographics of a patient to predict the probability of a patient’s death within 24 hours of admittance. Though it sounds bizarre, Machine Learning leaves a deep impact on the healthcare industry. This can play a vital role in preventing fatal health conditions.

A research group has used Deep Learning to predict the performance of stock exchanges with the help of the government’s data on earnings documents and how financial trading is done every day. Stock price data was combined with documents before and aftermarket announcements. 

This study attempted to explore the relationship between stock price and the government’s policies. This asserts the fact that Machine Learning can help us predict the immediate future in many ways, thoroughly analyzing data and deriving the most accurate, highly-likely outcomes.

The BIG Transformation in Machine-Human Interactions 

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning can bring about scalable growth and high ROI in an enterprise but there are adoption challenges. Many decision-makers still don’t understand the teething problems or unforeseen challenges in using technology that is still being termed as highly experimental. 

Nonetheless, more tech-embracing businesses are working to enhance existing relationships between their human resources or consumers and machines. Many companies excelling in AI research such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft are working towards understanding the nuances of human-machine interactions. 

The goal here is to use Deep Learning in its highly scaled form to create interactions that help to collect every bit of consumer data and further align, product launches or updates with changing consumer behaviors. 2019 should witness these trends in full effect…

– The Emergence of AI Assistants

2019 will see a huge development in the density of AI assistants. Enterprises are already leveraging AI technology for protocol-perfect workflows. Companies like Hyundai and Kia are planning to include AI assistants in their vehicles in 2019. 

Not just this, Amazon, Apple, and Google are all making excellent advancements in Artificial Intelligence, ensuring AI is more intuitive. In some time, AI assistants like Cortana, Sir, Alexa, and Google Home will learn to adjust to more dynamic, more changing ecosystems, particularly during interactions with buyers and influencers. 

The benefit of AI assistants is that these machines learn to anticipate demand and don’t need much retraining to make gradual progress. AI experts are already trying to spot unanticipated problems with first-gen AI assistants. The increased availability of Deep Learning and AI tools across a wider audience is a big positive for Machine Learning technology.

Concluding Thoughts

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been grabbing attention. This is more than just hype. The new developments are going to increase and Clavis Technologies understands this as an opportunity and challenge for enterprises like you. 

That’s why we offer highly intelligent AI chatbot solutions across various domains like Entertainment, Customer Support, E-Commerce, Logistics, and Healthcare. Try our IT consultancy to create a structured vision for your company’s AI capabilities or new Machine Learning integrations.