On-demand healthcare apps have started making an impact today. Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases and lockdown in many countries, people are opting for digital mediums like video calls, voice calls, VOIP and emails to avoid physical contact. The question that everybody is asking is “who wants to go to a doctor’s office at this time of coronavirus if my diagnosis or needs can be met in the comfort of my home?” As a result, digital health platforms and the demand for on-demand healthcare apps is surging.

With social distancing and shelter-in-place becoming all too familiar concepts, digital health offerings are being looked at as an effective tool in managing the impact of the virus. As the proverb goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, hence, healthcare apps are an aid in preventing patients from congregating and spreading the virus.

Many hospitals and clinics have their healthcare apps to provide quick medical services to patients. These apps provide various facilities to patients such as online appointments, video consultancy, digital payment, e-reports and more.

Is there really a need for healthcare apps this time?

There is no question that people are demanding faster and more convenient healthcare services. We would like to say that the need for on-demand healthcare apps has actually become unavoidable. With net speeds and technological advancement, services are available at your doorstep, and the healthcare sector has also started adopting tech to make medical facilities more reachable to patients. 

Impact of AI in the Medical and Healthcare Field

At this point, hospitals and health-care workers are most at risk of being exposed to coronavirus. In a time when we have to avoid movement and practice social distancing, these on-demand healthcare apps can reduce patient footfall to hospitals by providing e-prescriptions, e-consultancy, e-reports, etc. Virtual care option is the best way to get treatment at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of on-demand healthcare apps

Here are some benefits that strengthen the need and demand for healthcare apps.

Immediate Medical services

Through healthcare apps, patients can get instant medical services like ambulance, chat with doctors, report tracking, delivery etc. In case of any emergency, doctors can advise an instant course of action to patients.

Online Appointments

One important feature or benefit, that establishes a need for healthcare apps, is online appointments. 

Through these apps, patients can take appointments without having to visit the hospital. Not only this, they can also reschedule their appointments through the app according to their need, which ultimately saves a lot of time.

In turn, this is also a huge benefit to hospitals and clinics for  better patient planning 


Patients can get e-prescriptions on their mobile apps. This reduces the chance of losing prescriptions and also the need to carry a physical paper everywhere. Patients will be able to access their prescriptions anywhere and anytime at a single click… or tap!

Online Reports

Another huge time saver for the medical back office and patients is e-reports. Medical staff processes and uploads the report immediately without having to print and sort reports, while patients can access their reports for a variety of medical tests from inside as soon as they are prepared, without having to visit the hospital.

Discounts and Offers 

Other than various benefits of these on-demand healthcare apps, these are also pocket-friendly for the patients. All new offers, discounts on tests, consultations, free tips help hospitals engage patients better while helping them save money for tests that they would anyway require.

Better Doctor-Patient Relationship

As doctors become more accessible to the patients through these apps, it improves the Doctor-patient relationship. Apart from this, the use of these on-demand apps also increases the brand value of the doctors and hospitals.

Boost in Virtual Services

On-demand healthcare apps that come with various benefits are the need of the hour and play a crucial role during such times… a world fighting against covid-19. These apps transform the way people access healthcare around the world.

There are many healthcare apps on the Google play store and Apple store at present, but it is really required to make them accessible to patients while making them understand the importance of these healthcare apps.

Clavis Technologies can help build custom healthcare apps for your clinic, hospital or medical service that let you handle appointment scheduling, video consultancy, e-reports, medical delivery and much more.