chapter vitamins– an employee training platform

A mobile based employee training and management platform for that simplifies learning and lets organisations monitor and measure employee development.


Very often organisations encounter backlogs in employee training programs. There is difficulty tracking employee performance and in the drive to accelerate organisational growth, companies require a solution that help them with easy access to relevant trainings. The idea of creating Chapter Vitamins grew from here.


Chapter Vitamins enables companies to communicate information in the form of bite-sized modules, allowing them to equip employees with relevant data that they need and deploy employee training rapidly across multiple locations while being able to track training programs and an effective working culture within teams.  Using the Chapter Vitamins platform with a customised app for each organisation made it personalised with quizzes, reading material, flash cards and more.


Over the last few years, the Chapter Vitamins team managed to engage a number of organisations to use the platform. Huge benefits were realised by companies including reduction of travelling, management costs, hassles in explaining product features to employees, failed trainer-employee interaction and unnecessary worries over customer trainings.


The great part about Clavis was that they really got involved in the development of the platform and treated it as their own product, taking full responsibility of the development and making improvements that made it easy to use based on feedback from our customers.

Rohit Kumar

Founder & CEO, Chapter Apps