Attention to Detail

That’s what differentiates a good publisher from a great one. We help newspaper and magazine publishers streamline and automate mundane tasks that fees up time for them to focus on their core competence… creating amazing content and high fidelity design!

We obviously help automate workflow and layout design. But we also help your sales team sell more ad space with estimation calculators. And your design team repurpose their print ads for multiple digital formats at the click of a mouse.

Our software has helped Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

Increase Reach & Revenue

Cost estimation software that lets your sales teams propose campaigns with audience numbers to up-sell ad space. Increase reach by being available on more digital platforms and regions globally with apps.

Automate Production

Capturing articles, automating page layout and exporting to multiple formats while keeping all your content tagged so content creators and designers can focus on their expertise instead of repetitive time-wasting tasks.

Analyse Digital Sales

While digital content consumption is increasing exponentially, we help publishers track their online ad sales to take better informed decisions on what advertising strategy to adopt in future.

Improve Content Management

Making content intelligent means you get to store, track, reuse and deliver your publication to readers across all platforms including mobiles, tablets, web and print.

Make your work flow

It begins with a discussion, and ends in happiness!