The 70 member national assembly team faced a twenty year backlog of unformatted bills and debates with a cumbersome preparation time for each meet. TABiT made it possible to cut down the formatting time by 95% and move to a paper-free environment.

Taking the Mauritius National Assembly Paper Free

The complete streamlined process using TABiT has given an estimated saving of thousands of man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to the MNA. That’s efficiency at its best!

The Challenge

Prior to assembly meets, members are handed documents, bills, agendas adding up to over a couple of thousand pages per meeting, for review and preparation. Printing and fixing errors lead up to a few hours of rework. Last minute changes in the agenda, and delivering the updated files was a logistic nightmare. During the debate, all details are recorded, typed out in Microsoft Word, merged and formatting into high quality page layouts that is a very tedious process.

We Took Every Necessary Step

Secure Access to Debates and Bills

Review, Search and Share

Agenda Notifications and Alerts

Upload, Modify, Archive and Delete Files

  • Time Saving 64% 64%
  • Cost Saving 82% 82%
  • Error Reduction 58% 58%

And The Results Were Amazing

Huge amounts of time and money were saved by reducing hours of printing, stacking, checking, re-printing, binding and delivering documents. All documents are available instantly on the Apple® iPad® of each member. This gives them the ability to review content and track agendas any time from anywhere – saving time and reducing errors.

Go Paperless Today

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