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Hire our expert QuarkXTension developers full time or part time to automate mundane layout design tasks.

High Quality QuarkXPress xTension Plugin Development

What is a QuarkXTension?

Similar to plugins, QuarkXTensions extend the functionality of QuarkXPress, especially when it comes to repetitive and tedious production tasks. It could be basic scripting (AppleScript or JavaScript) to fully automating layout, workflow, digital publishing, printing, handling XML, importing IDML and other enhancements that are not available in QuarkXPress. XTensions help streamline and automate your organisations’ content flow. The term ‘QuarkXTension’ is the correct technical term for commonly used terms like Quark Express Plugin, Quark Plugin, Quark Xpress Plugin, Quark Extension, Quark Express Extension… the list goes on!

Certified QuarkXPress Developers

Developing QuarkXTensions requires a niche expertise where developers not only need to be familiar with using Quark’s XDK (often referred to as the SDK), but need to be well versed with publishing concepts, layout design patterns, content handling and pin point accurate calculation. That is the value add we bring to the table with our years of experience in creating QuarkXTensions for traditional publishers as well as industries where content management and publishing as a horizontal is critical to business success. Being distributors of Quark is just an added advantage.

Content Automation

The power of automation can be realised with QuarkXTensions or even the use of QuarkXPress Server. Leveraging XML that helps streamline content management with reusable components gives you the ability to manage, automate and push content to multiple media quickly. QuarkXPress automation can range from handling individual layout components like text and images to delivering final published content and round tripping to WordPress, HTML and ePub.

Plugin Development Methodology

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Indesign Plugin Development Company

Fixed budget

If you have a clearly defined scope of what you want the plugin to achieve, this is best way to go. Even if it’s a Phase-I or a PoC, we work with you to make sure you get high quality output at a flat cost. We are flexible based on changes and enhancements during project development.
Illustrator Plugin Development

Time & Material

Here you pay for what you use. As most projects grow, you may need dedicated or shared resources to develop your plugin inline with changing business dynamics. Plugin development costs start as low as $20 per hour.

We Believe in Building Trust

With over 100 publications under our belt, we needed a solution that would improve the page planning. Clavis did a great job integrating our content database to our InDesign workflow. It works so well and our experience of working with them has been par excellence!
Nick (Director - Operations)

We handle over 30,000 images a month. It’s not only about being able to store and track them but also have a seamless integration between our content management system and design software. After having worked with multiple software vendors, I can confidently say the team at Clavis has been a  delight to work with.
Ingrid (Executive Director)

As we took our titles digital, we could see the importance of having all the content synchronised. One of the big ticket items was to make sure round tripping was possible between our print and digital content. Clavis did a fab job of putting that automation in place.
Andrew (CTO)

A Deep Understanding of Publishing & Design

We understand that Software Development is only a part of the complete picture. Knowing coding without having a through understanding of the industry is not enough. Our expertise in publishing,  content management, content automation, layout, fonts and design helps us stay ahead of the competition and deliver high quality plugins for the range of Adobe products including Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator as well as QuarkXPress XTensions. Along with that, the rigorous agile methodology with functional and non-functional testing ensures high quality plugins that simply work! Our strong work ethic gives you full transparency with timely delivery. That is why we are trusted by so many leading brands.

Featured QuarkXTensions Projects

Word to QuarkXPress

LAYOUT AUTOMATION A custom QuarkXTension to import Microsoft Word documents that automats layout design. It sets formatting of text flow to multiple columns, manages images, handles table formatting, places page numbers, headers, footers, creates a TOC and manages contents  all with just a few clicks. That covers over 95% of the formatting while minor tweaks can quickly be done by the designer.

Excel to QuarkXPress

CATALOG AUTOMATION  WATCH VIDEO Pearson creates a number of catalogs each season. Creating each catalog is a tedious task that requires images and text added in a neat grid with variations that gives the details of each book in with specific placement and styles. We created a QuarkXTension that pulls all the content from Microsoft Excel and places it intelligently in the QuarkXPress template.

QuarkXPress to WordPress

CONTENT AUTOMATION Round-tripping content between QuarkXPress and WordPress so that any changes made to the text in QuarkXPress or in the WordPress article was updated at the other end. A second level integration was done to include round-tripping between Google Docs and QuarkXPress. Ideal for the small errors that get caught at the last minute. Image automation for bulk optimisation was done separately.

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