refcheck xperts – your verification services partner

A software that supports the complete background check and verification process of employees while giving transparency to clients.


Doing background checks to verify employees details is a time-staking task. This process involves hundreds of calls per day with notes, history, details and reminders for each call. Keeping a record in a standard format accessible to all relevant stakeholders including clients was becoming a nightmare, especially with decentralised excel and word documents.


The RefCheck Xperts software was created to make all candidate details can be uploaded to a single central place in a standard format. The software gives reminders for unanswered calls or follow up calls that need to be made. A history with details of each candidate are entered in easy to use forms that can be quickly sorted and searched for. The full system has a robust workflow that makes sure information is passed on to the relevant person at each stage. Controlled access rights give clients information they need. A range of reports that give management and clients the required details.


Being able to give anytime access to clients provided transparency that made companies treat Xpert Conexions as more of a business partners rather than a vendor. Management at both ends got better clarity and were able to take more informed decisions based on real time data about candidates. Quick access and detailed history gave more scope to increase the number verifications as well as expand into additional avenues to increase the value provided to clients including credit check, drug abuse, criminal records, from across the country. 

We do hundreds of background checks and employment verifications every day. Tracking this information in excel had pretty much become a nightmare. The refcheck solution built by Clavis now puts everything in a single place accessible to our experts and customers with a complete verification history, reminders and reports.

Refcheck Xperts