Software Services

Use our software expertise so you can focus on your core competence.


Software Outsourcing

Our software outsourcing services lets you focus on your core competence and be comfortable knowing that the quality of your software is left to the experts.
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Automation Software

We understand that each workflow is different, and so our custom Automation solutions help you reduce the time spent on mundane and error-prone tasks.
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File Conversion Software

Our customized file conversation software can drastically reduce time spent on conversion between multiple formats such as XML, PDF, InDesign, Word, HTML5, ePUB etc.
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About Us

At Clavis Technologies, we provide end-to-end workflow consultancy and support it with our software, services and solutions. We believe in solving challenges via our expertise in automation and workflow. Our key expertise in the publishing industry helps us address key pain points for Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Journals, Corporates and Educational Institutions.


We are a business organization that runs like a family, develops a culture for everyone interested in association. Values are what are at the core of Clavis Technologies. We believe that great organization requires a focused and consistent set of values. Combined with trust, this forms the basic building block of all relationships: care, competence, commitment, communication and character. Contact us to know more about how you can be a part of the Clavis family.

Contact Us

To know more about what we do or how we can help your business, drop us an email at You can also drop by at one of our offices listed on the contact us page.