Creating a flat plan for a magazine is probably one of the toughest tasks that goes into the layout process of a magazine. The production director and advertisement director, who are tasked with this responsibility, often struggle to create a flat plan and waste a lot of time contemplating on useless details. To make this unforgiving task easier and save time while doing it, you can make use of the following tips:

Use Templates

Templates are created to simplify the process of flat plan creation. Once you start using templates, you will find a number of options to disseminate information. Suppose you want to use a previously successful magazine design, you can simply refer to the old template and start creating. Once you have the basis right, you can start being creative and model the template to suit the current content. The planning stage also becomes simple as you do not have to start building the flat plan from scratch. It is also easier to test various templates and choose the one that meets the requirements.

Color Code Your Way out of the Mess

Differentiating main sections of the magazine from other sections can be tricky if the information is not demarcated properly. With color coding, you can break down the sections into sub-sections and make it easier for audiences to navigate through the content.

Set up Deadlines

A magazine has different types of contents that are written and edited by different people. To ensure the person responsible knows when to provide the content, a flat plan can come in handy. Setting up different deadlines for different projects and sending timely notification to get the task done on time can make the process simple. This process can be further simplified by employing a cutting-edge flat planning software.

Pay Attention to the Organization of Content

Content can be in form of text, picture or videos. If the content is scattered, it can be a long and hard grind to figure out which content goes where. By creating a central repository, it is much easier to organize the content. The production director should provide access to the central database to all content creators, so they can add the content to the correct location at the right time. It is also possible to employ a flat planning software and automate the workflow and eliminate the need for constant supervision.

Take Inspiration from Competitor Magazines

Sometimes best designs are conceptualized by amalgamating different ideas. Look at the flat plan of different magazines and take inspiration from them. Combine the best elements from different flat plans and create your very own. When you are using something tried and tested, it gives you an advantage right from the get-go.


Coming up with new flat plans can be a challenge for any media house. There are many components that need to click together for a magazine to be successful. Starting off with a good flat plan can give you a leg up on the competition. To make the process of creating flat plan easier, you can employ a good flat plan software.