urb – savings on alternative medicines

The URB app on iOS and Android gives amazing deals from stores near users to get exclusive offers to meet their daily medicinal needs.


Knowing what promotions are available in your area are not always common knowledge. Especially when it comes to dispensaries and alternative medicine. The idea was to make promo available to users who can view them directly on their phone so they get access to exclusive offers for their daily medicinal needs.   


Urb was created as a free app that provided users with offers directly on their phones. These are a list of exclusive deals from the best dispensaries around you. The live feed features short term deals that continuously change throughout the day. Each deal has a unique coupon code related to it. Clicking on “USE IT NOW” activates the coupon so the users can show the coupon to the cashier. An easy seamless and quick way of making the best of existing promotions.


Urb offered a revolutionary way to purchase daily medicine. Users were able to discover which stores have deals nearby and how long before they expire without having to visit or be in touch with the stores directly. On the other hand, it mad it easy for stores to be in the minds of nearby customers via relevant promos through push notifications.