With the increased focus of users on web content, digital magazines have gained ground in popularity. To enhance the appeal of online content, magazine designers keep coming up with new tricks. Interactive magazine design has been one of the most talked-about innovations in this niche.

Below are 10 reasons why you should create a digital magazine

reasons to create an interactive magazine design

1. Interactive Experience Keeps Readers Engrossed:

By adding clickable images and videos in the online content for the digital magazine, it is much easier to keep readers engrossed. To create an interactive experience, you need to invest in Digital Magazine Publishing Software solutions.

2. Ideal for tutorials:

For publishing how-to content to educate users, interactive experience can be very useful. It works best for online tutorials, where you need to impart information in a user-friendly way.

3. Helpful Navigation:

Navigating through content becomes a lot easier by creating an interactive experience for the users. Easy to spot clickable links make transitioning from one page to another convenient.

4. Differentiates Content from Others:

In the race to stay unique, a digital magazine publisher employs different tactics. Interactive magazine pages provide a sure-shot way to impress online readers. The charm of the magazine is enhanced considerably, and you attract new readership without spending a lot on promotions. It is possible to create absorbing visual content with the help of state-of-the-art Digital Magazine Publishing Software available in the market.

5. Cutting-Edge Tools for Reading Online Content:

With fast-changing enhancements in technology, devices like E-readers are becoming more popular and affordable. To increase your readership on these platforms, interactive digital content can help you a great deal. Especially when it comes to kid magazines.

6. Interactive Content for Advertising:

Advertising requires thought-provoking content. If you already have the content ready, an interactive experience in your digital magazine can enhance the promotional value and appeal of the product.

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7. Newer Ideas and More Innovation:

An interactive experience lets you shape the message in a way that is not possible with regular content. You can disseminate your thoughts a lot better by creating an interactive experience for your users.

8. Ideal for Fashion and Style Magazines:

Fashion and style e-magazines can benefit the most by providing an interactive experience. Imagine selecting clothes and accessories with a simple click and then combining them on a virtual mannequin, a user can definitely be convinced a lot easier with such an interactive experience.

9. Better Entertainment Value:

Clicking on static pages is no fun. Add some spice to your e-magazine by creating innovative and entertaining pages. The possibilities of increasing stickiness are endless.

10. Emotional Connection with the User:

An interactive magazine can form a much better emotional bond than traditional magazines. When the user sees himself making changes and altering the way a page looks, it makes him ‘feel’ for the product and not just look at it.

In summary, using tools like Magzter, Issuu, and Joomag, or plugins like App Studio that work with desktop publishing software QuarkXPress and InDesign or even WordPress plugins like edelpaper to make flip magazines add immense value to your e-magazine.

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