With tablets and other mobile devices becoming increasingly common, the content industry is witnessing a boom in digital publishing tools. New tools to publish, curate and create digital content are becoming available to brands and publishers on a regular basis. These tools have distinct properties and can be a part of your digital publishing automation.

Here, we see the 6 digital publishing tools recommended by the experts.

Must have digital publishing tools

1. Scrivener

Scrivener is the latest favorite online publishing tool for authors, allowing one to write without getting distracted. This program is incredibly easy to be used by authors as it comes pre-equipped with various templates for books already created, including fiction, short stories, scriptwriting, poetry, and lyrics.

With Scrivener, you can quickly switch from one point to another in your manuscript with every new idea you get. You can also minimize chapters and sections as and when you want, and stay clutter-free. A search feature makes life easy by saving time and effort from scrolling through numerous pages in Microsoft Word.

Scrivener makes you write much faster. It allows you to increase the volumes while taking less time and staying more focused. Scrivener is a paid app (program), but they also have a free 30-day trial offer.

2. Hemingway App

Even if you are a writing coach, you can use this digital publishing tool to improve your writing!

The Hemingway App is in no way less effective and accurate than a real-time editor. The best part is that it churns out high-quality content in an impressively low time span, so you will find the app of great assistance when you are short of time.

The app also gives you genuine feedback on the understandability quotient of your writing. With the help of its “readability index”, the Hemingway App difficulty or ease with which a fifth grader or a seventh-grader will be able to understand your copy.

Simply go to the app, highlight and delete the instructions given on the home-page. Now, write or paste your own copy there, click on “Edit”, and see the app giving you different color-coded phrases for correction and improvement.

3. BitLit

Want an eBook for a print book owned by you or your friend?

Importance of eBook Conversion Softwares

With BitLit you can get it done for free or at a nominal price! This innovative publishing tool has been developed in sync with the changing trends of the publishing industry.

Promoting reading across formats, BitLit lays emphasis on the fact that both, print and digital, both the reading formats are equally important and have their own advantages and disadvantages. With BitLit you can enjoy the convenience of eBooks on the go, by converting your favorite print books to electronic formats, economically.

BitLit also allows authors to reward their readers for staying loyal, by giving them a free or discounted eBook for the print book already owned by the readers.

4. Libsyn

In the current scenario, Libsyn or Liberated Syndication is a must-have tool for any podcaster or information content expert. This tool aims at making the process of distribution easier and smoother. It is developed by Libsyn, the largest leading podcast network as on date.

Whether you are a seasoned or a budding podcaster, you should invest in this highly useful tool to make your show distribution process easier than ever.

5. Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a cool app that lets you quickly create funny videos using an iPad, and that too without spending a penny!

This tool works much similar to the magical acts in fantasy stories and cartoons, where you just need to speak out your mind and rest gets done by the app. Orate your story line by line into Adobe Voice, make use of the text or graphics supplied by the app, add background music, and your video is ready to be uploaded – clearly the reason why Adobe Voice is regarded as the fastest and most intuitive video creation tool of present times.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a service professional looking to build your brand on the Internet, you are going to find Adobe Voice of great help. It can also be used to create quick book trailers, video promos, and sales page videos. The functioning of this digital publishing tool is quite simple to learn and understand, and the quality of videos is comparable to professionally animated ones.

6. Hangouts on Air

Use Hangouts on Air to create and add compelling content to live streaming videos, and share it across the web in a snap. A favorite digital publishing tool for authors and online entrepreneurs alike, HOA is very easy to use and versatile too. It lets you quickly build authority in your niche, by allowing you to combine live, real-time Google+ Hangout videos with an Event page on Google+ that is broadcasted and automatically recorded for immediate replay on YouTube.

Perfect to create trust and accelerate engagement with your audience, the combination of Google+ and YouTube have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact as compared to many popular social media platforms.

Go ahead and make use of these powerful and easy-to-use digital publishing tools as suggested by the experts.

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