World-Class Asset Management For Unprecedented Business Success

Leverage the power of Asset Management Software to track resources throughout the lifecycle of the assets. Reduce manual errors and manage assets better than ever before!

Say Goodbye to Manual Entries and Spreadsheets

Manage, track, and allocate assets wherever you are. Clavis Asset Management System is a highly secure asset management system that helps you manage inventory, assets, and more from any location, at any time. Easily deployable on a Linux, Windows, or Mac-based web server, you’re up and running fast—with high uptime. The world-class admin dashboard helps you visualize and mange assets better, every time.

Manage Assets Better

Experience an intelligent way to manage assets that does away with spreadsheets and manual entries. Now see all your assets from one neat, integrated dashboard.

Security baked-in

We understand the need for security and reliability. We implement industry-standard best practices in every version to ensure that you’re safe from all common cyber-attacks.

World-class Reportage

Every organization needs outstanding reportage for visibility and planning. Clavis Asset Management System helps you generate custom reports to help you do just that.

Efficient License Management

Clavis Asset Management is one of the few software that include license management out of the box. Now manage both digital and physical assets with ease.

Know What’s Where

See which assets are assigned and to whom, along with their physical location. Additionally, you can also generate mail alerts for expiring warrantees and licenses.

We Speak Your Language

Localization built-in. Clavis Asset Management System is available in over 55 languages for your global asset management needs.

World-class Intelligent Asset Management

Clavis Asset Management helps organizations of all sizes manage, maintain, control access, and improve ROI on both digital and non-digital assets better than ever before. Our QR-code ready platform helps you check in and check out assets instantly and supports an ever-growing list of handheld QR code scanners and printers.

With out-of-the-box integration support for access through LDAP, you can ensure all-round safety and security for your digital and physical assets. Employees can now request for, and check out/check in assets at any time. Additionally, Slack and email updates for check in and check out notifications helps supervisors stay on top of asset assignment at all times.

Mobile-friendly, and compatible with any Linux, Windows, or Mac web server, Clavis Asset Management is ready to suit your organization’s unique needs. Coupled with an interface internationalized in 55 languages, one-click backups and LDAP/Google Secure LDAP/SAMP login integration make this platform a preferred choice for organizations worldwide.

Asset Management for Every Industry Vertical

Provide your teams with the tools they need to check out assets without manual intervention and check then in with ease through our world-class QR-code enabled interface.

Blockchain in healthcare


Effectively manage hospital inventory and assets 24/7. Limit device and data access to authorized personnel for greater security. Elevate standards of compliance and security through our world-class platform.


Ease the tracking of tools and equipment so your construction crews can spend time working instead of searching. Maximise utilisation with full lifecycle tracking of your equipment.


Manage digital and non-digital IT assets through one neat, integrated interface. Visually identify assets deployed, ready to deploy, or archived. Generate reports on the fly for asset checkout history.


Move away from the spreadsheets to manage school inventory. Get better tracking with a streamlined asset check-in, check-out system and centralised data for managing all your school / college assets.

Blockchain in healthcare


Better tracking of donations and equipment. Give your staff and volunteers a more accurate, organised and easier method of tracking your non-profit assets and donations.


Make service asset management a breeze. Reduce cost per service and set up email alerts for order management. Improve ROI per service and reduce dependence on manual record-keeping for assets.


Manage and keep all government asset information up to date, so you not only keep all your assets fixed and maintained in time, but you’re  also always prepared for any audits that may come your way.


Print/scan QR codes through most handheld QR code printers. Scan in/check out assets through unmanned stations with full security clearance and compliance while maintaining high asset visibility.

Featured Projects

Constructing efficiency with well planned asset management

Clavis Asset Management System allowed the team to eliminate manual tracking and auditing, resulting in streamlined operations and valuable data insights.

How Clavis Asset Management Software helped Nissan manage assets better

Nissan Dubai partnered with Clavis Technologies to manage their assets intelligently, resulting in an 80% reduction in time spent on asset scanning and access management.

From Lecture Halls to Asset control

The university transformed equipment management, enhanced accountability and improved departmental reputation.

Clavis Asset Management Software

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