Decision Making with Big Data Analytics Services

Enable your enterprise to analyse relevant information for critical business decisions. Get real-time analysis with high performance data mining, predictive analytics, text mining, forecasting, and optimisation

Business Intelligence Consulting

Big Data Analytics is changing the way the world does business. We help companies and enterprises implement Big Data Analytics to reap several benefits, including effective marketing campaigns, better revenue opportunities, improved customer service delivery, efficient operations and other competitive advantages. We get involved throughout the complete Big data life cycle to help companies improve their customer relation, develop better products and effective metrics that help expand business.

Data Type

Handling a variety of data from CRM systems, ERPs, industrial equipment, IoT devices, machine data and social media sources.


Employing business analysts, data scientists, architects and engineers who are familiar with the workings of Big Data.

BI Insight

Understanding your technology environment, capacity, data flow, exiting integrations, data policies and output requirements.


Managing storage of data, metadata management, data design, data modelling, migration, maintenance of database and optimisation

Fast-Paced, Affordable, Reliable Big Data Analytics Services & Solutions

As a trusted big data analytics services provider, Clavis Technologies provides effective and services to help companies boost their big data projects. Our teams of experts, engineers, and data scientists have successfully supplied secure, scalable and robust solutions to the clients across diverse industry verticals.

Clavis Technologies understand the needs and demands of individual enterprises and helps them analyze and predict costumer behavior to meet business needs and build long term customer relationships.

Clavis has focused on the delivery and deployment of Big Data analytics solutions to assist enterprises with strategic decision making. We analyse big data and provide you with the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. We utilise our deep industry expertise and experience in handling complex analytics to bring together the combined expertise of process, analytics, and data.

The Technologies

Big Data Analytics

With the increasingly extensive use of Big Data Analytics services & solutions, it maybe time to get on board