Some of Our Work

What we make, we make with Passion. 
And high quality engineering!

Transforming Asset Management

Nissan Dubai partnered with Clavis Technologies to manage their assets intelligently, resulting in an 80% reduction in time spent on asset scanning and access management.

Clavis Asset Management Software

Mauritius Research Repository

A centralised repository that helped the MRC foster, promote and coordinate better research and development in all spheres of scientific, technological, social and economic activities.

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Bootstrap 

Marketing Production Management

Full fledged production management solution used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe for content and design workflow management

Angular | PHP | Apache | MySQL | MongoDB | Javascript | Bootstrap | NodeJS | ExpressJS | ReactJS | | OneVision Asura | Enfocus PitStop | IBM Aspera | Google DFP | Google DSM

Smart Farming with Sensors

Using IoT and advanced technology (Agro Sensors for Humidity, NPK monitoring) to reduce crop failure and boost farm revenues.

C++ | IEEE 802 | COAP | MQTT | AWS | Android Java | SWIFT | Angular | Node

Intelligent OOH Advertising Management Platform

OOH advertising platform to manage, upload, schedule and monitor ads and provide ad-related analytics to make informed advertising decisions for multiple customers from one seamless, integrated interface.

PHP | Angular | Node | AWS | Android Java  

Web-to-Print Greeting Card Creation

Custom Photoshop plugin streamlined web-to-print workflow for personalising cards with photos, themes and messages.

C++ | Adobe Photoshop SDK | Adobe CEP

ITES Asset Management and Tracking

Achieving efficiency and cost savings by tagging and tracking maintenance schedules of all equipment and software licences.

Clavis Asset Management Software

Transforming and automating HR Processes using Intelligent Document Processing

The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution transformed HR operations, boosting efficiency, reducing errors, saving time and enhancing document accessibility through improved indexing and retrieval mechanisms in the HR repository.

AI | ML | MindWave | TABiT

Chaimojis Emoji Apps

A specialty sticker keyboard with emoji, chai and holiday-themed static and animated stickers that you can easily add to all your everyday chats.

Angular | NodeJS | Mongo | Android Java | Objective-C

Online Grocery Store

One of the leading online supermarkets with millions of customers using their website and apps to buy groceries

Magento | AngularJS | PhoneGap | Cordova | Bootstrap

Mauritius National Assembly

The MNA Sitting Application cleared the 20 year backlog of unformatted debates, added a powerful DAM and took the assembly paper-free.

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Swift | Apache Solr

Campaign Creator

Price estimation software for over 100 newspaper titles so that sales reps can sell advertising campaigns across print and digital effectively

PHP | Apache | MySQL | SalesForce | Bootstrap

Job Reference Check

A platform for background checking and verification of candidates with record updates for clients and ref check companies

PHP | Apache | MySQL | AngularJS | Node | Bootstrap

Manohar Filaments

Large apparel brands that are distributed in multiple counties require custom tags. The automation that allows such customisation was done by our team.

Adobe InDesign SDK | Adobe CEP

Taxi App

Driver and rider apps on iOS and Android platforms for live location tracking and links to a robust backend to setup and view details of drivers, ride history, billings, commissions with an array of reports

PHP | Apache | MySQL | AngularJS | Node JS | Android Java | Objective-C | Google Maps 

Dr. Love

Dating app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C

Cash Earn

Marketing app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Table booking and food app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Event booking eCommerce app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


TV media app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Meditation app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C

Zoom Insurance

A platform that streamlines the claim raising and approval process with automated workflow, reports and analytics.

Angular | NodeJS | Mongo | Bootstrap

Zyra: An AI Chatbot

With over 5000 business using Zyra, this chatbot is build with AI so that she can be integrated with any website.

IBM Watson | ReactJS | JavaScript | JQuery | NodeJS

Development Outsourcing | Clavis Technologies

Revolutionising legislative efficiency with InDesign layout automation

The Adobe InDesign plugin automated the formatting of bills and debates for the Mauritius National Assembly, saving thousands of person-hours annually.

C++ | Adobe InDesign SDK | Adobe CEP

Streamlining Hospital Asset Management

The cost-effective asset management solution enabled seamless organisation, tagging, scanning and tracking of their medical equipment.

Clavis Asset Management Software

Publishing | Clavis Technologies

Editorial Efficiency with Google Drive integration for news flow

Seamlessly importing diverse content from Google Drive accelerates editorial workflow and improves collaboration.

C++ | Adobe InDesign SDK | Adobe CEP

Intelligent Fleet Tracking

Transforming the legacy transportation and logistics industry with efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

C++ | IEEE 802 | COAP | MQTT | React JS | Node


A platform for with mobile apps that offers resources for a wide range of home services across the US.

React | Node | Android Java | Bootstrap | Objective-C

Streamlining logistics operations through automated data extraction and processing

The implementation of TABiT IDP for Bill of Ladings resulted in significant operational improvements, including a remarkable reduction in processing time from a full day to just an hour, enhanced accuracy through automated validation checks, and substantial cost savings by minimizing manual intervention.

AI | ML | MindWave | TABiT

Zocal Chat and Meet

Connect with friends, get notified when they are in town, setup a coffee date, chat and just hang out

Objective-C | Android Java


Full fledged intranet for internal storage, communication, access to content, projects, policies and much more


Pearson Books

Layout automation of catalog layout in QuarkXPress for the leading book publisher in the world.



Excel | C++ | QuarkXPress

India Today

The countries leading magazine required an intelligent way to retrieve 40 years of content in XML format
PDF | QuarkXPress | XML

Building and Construction Asset Tracking

Clavis Asset Management System allowed the team to eliminate manual tracking and auditing, resulting in streamlined operations and valuable data insights.

Clavis Asset Management Software

Rajkamal Books

Extensive ecommerce platform with apps for selling and reading books via a DRM based eReader

Magento | Android Java | Objective-C

Market Interactively

Linkz is a solution that helps brands engage with their customers with the help of their mobile devices to interact with the print and packaging
PHP | Apache | MySQL |Android Java | Objective-C 

Chapter Vitamins

A robust content backend with apps that include PDFs, videos, quizzes, flash cards for internal organisational training.

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


eCommerce app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Fashion eCommerce app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Chat and communication app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Medical healthcare app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C

Tha Shefz

Food app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Social Media app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C

AP Automation for Alcobev company

Intelligent Document Processing for invoices received from over 200 vendors to extract and process data, saving hundreds of man hours each month.



Hospital Communication Streamlined

The implementation of SharePoint and Moodle to add news feeds, feedback and suggestions submission, innovative hubs, internal / external trainings, compliances with tracking all integrated with the employee directory.

Sharepoint | Moodle

Remote Diesel Generator Monitoring

An IoT-based intelligent remote monitoring platform that effectively monitors and reduces the operational costs of diesel generators.

C++ | IEEE 802 | COAP | MQTT | AWS | Android  

Newspaper Print on Demand

Top 250 newspapers globally use DigiNewsPress to reach readers outside their countries, delivering printed papers to their doorstep.

VB | C#.Net | MSSQL | IIS | OneVision Asura | Android Java

Streamlining Insurance Claims Processing 

IDP helped automate document processing, slashing claim times by 70%, boosting accuracy and providing customers and agents with a seamless and hassle-free claims journey.

TABiT | AI | ML 

University Asset Control

The university transformed equipment management, enhanced accountability and improved departmental reputation.

Clavis Asset Management Software

Real Estate ERP

India’s leading ERP for builders, developers, and contractors that gives them full control on their operations and payment collections

Angular | .NET | MSSQL

Business Standard

India’s leading business newspaper that covers top stories in business analysis and insights

Objective-C | Android Java | Amazon AWS

Photoshop Pligin for Extraction and Conversion

Custom Photoshop plugin sped up file conversion and layer automation, enabling seamless extraction of individual images, JSON export, and the creation of HTML 5 web-ready layered banners.

C++ | Adobe Photoshop SDK | Adobe CEP


School communication software and ERP with quick access to the latest news, events, circulars, notifications, rewards, attendance, marks, student performance and more!

C#.Net | Swift | Android Java

Ad Page Planning (Flat Planning)

Automated pagination of display and classified advertisements to InDesign for one of the leading newspaper publishers in the UK

C++ | Adobe InDesign SDK | Adobe CEP


Get the best deals at the tap of a button. If you like to eat out and are penny-wise, this app is right for you. Download this deal hunter’s app and claim your Foodzilla deal the next time you visit popular eateries.

PHP | Apache | MySQL | AngularJS | Node | Bootstrap | Android Java

URB Dispensary

Discover and explore dispensaries near you that provide the best deals. Generate coupons and track when they expire.

PHP | Apache | MySQL | AngularJS | Node | Bootstrap | Android Java | Objective-C

Digital Wallet

One of the leading payment solution providers with millions of users wanted to get their eWallet app created by us

Cordova | PhoneGap | Framework7


Music app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Food delivery app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Education app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Automobile  service booking app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Clothing services app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C

Ticket Front

Ticket booking app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C


Taxi booking app

PHP | Apache | MySQL | Android Java | Objective-C