Zocal – connect with your local from anywhere

Stay connected with friends in your city, get the local feed of what’s happening around you from parties to famous sights to  visit, everything local on a single app!

the idea

If you find yourself in any major city like New York or Chicago, there are two questions which are still quite difficult to answer  (i) Who do I know around, and (ii) What’s happening nearby? The idea of being able to build some kind of dedicated social platform for everything local – from local news to local events to local guides to local friends.


Zocal, an app where friends are on a fun interactive world map letting you message them when they are nearby. Get monthly reminders to make sure you never forget. Zocal links to your phone’s contact list and Facebook, creating your network automatically so you can create a group chat to plan your next meetup.


Zocal gets thousands connected locally wherever they go! What’s going on in a city city? Someone’s throwing a party? Need a friend’s couch to crash on? Music at the town square? Just visiting and want to see the sights? The city’s graffiti (posted by friends or people they follow) keep them updated! No matter where in the world they are, Zocal has helped them stay connected with the local scene. 

Clavis did an amazing job in making a neat app that was fast, stable and is amazingly ease-to-use. They didn’t just develop it, they gave insights that helped improve the app and make it what it is!

MochaMeet Team