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Explore the opportunities of Blockchain implementation in your enterprise. Clavis enables a reliable ecosystem with immense expertise in Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Applications in Industry

A large number of enterprises have started leveraging Blockchain for numerous applications. And even though it all started for the use of Cryptocurrency, it has percolated into other industries.

Banking and FIs

Financial Institutions have succeeded in leveraging Blockchain solutions to minimise the risks of cyber-attacks, ensuring transparency in all transactions. Another advantage is the no-risk KYC process without the interference of middlemen.

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain has been able to enhance the cycle of inventory management in enterprises, thereby reducing frauds across supply chains and ensuring genuine unadulterated products reach the consumer.


The use of Blockchain technology has been leveraged by automobile manufacturers not only for full history tracking of vehicles from pre-production to sale help, but also gather driving data


Healthcare companies have improved the quality of patient care with the use of Blockchain technology. Some of the advantages in this case are drug traceability, precision medicine and nationwide interoperability.

Not For Profit

Charitable agencies can tracking donations, their allocation and ensure integrity of the fund while ensuring accountability. This reduces the overhead costs and reduces the complexities faced in payment processing.


Tracking census data, citizen registry, identification and voter fraud with verifiable audit trails. Digitising processes that would reduce fraud in the government while holding them accountable.


Starting with smart contracts that define clear terms with expiration and accessibility to the relevant parties. This would also include agreements which range across pretty much all industries.

Real Estate

Reduction of property fraud with smart agreements, being able to verify property details, ensuring transparent without delays in updating records, reduced paperwork and easily trackable title deeds with decentralised digitised transactional process

What We Deliver!

Our expertise in Blockchain software development helps us serve customised solutions for applications in various industries ranging from retail, healthcare and manufacturing to supply chain management and the entertainment sector. 

Our Blockchain consulting services enable companies to distinguish specific business challenges where this technology can be deployed to solve these problems. Clavis seeks to optimise different business cases with Blockchain technology and research the opportunity of developing a custom-made solution to suit specific needs by diving deeper into Blockchain. 

We build and evaluate both Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based products and web services to offer long-term aid and technology insights for operations-related matters.

The Effect of Blockchain on Organisations

Blockchain is an innovative technology, which certainly has the potential to transform our entire economy. When you partner with Clavis Technologies, you get to witness every phase of the Blockchain revolution in your enterprise. This technology has recently created ripples in the industry. Market research companies have anticipated the use of Blockchain technology by enterprises rising to 65% by 2020 as it represents a distributed ledger concept for authentication and settlement, which is faster than traditional methods.

The technology is moving rapidly across various sectors and areas, attracting enterprises to decode the Blockchain concept for future possibilities. Since the boom of cryptocurrency, Clavis started to explore the prospects of Blockchain in business. With incredible expertise, Clavis has carved a niche in the field of Blockchain technology solutions for enterprises by creating and customising decentralised  application and business support to stay ahead of competitors.

Private or Public Blockchain!

It doesn’t matter – we have the capability to implement both.