Python Development Company for your AI, ML and Big Data projects

Experience fast, scalable and high-performance applications, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. With a team of Python developers experienced in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, we are able to deliver highly technical projects.

From Websites to Artificial Intelligence Across Industries

Python is ideal for complex scientific and numeric applications. Add the step-reduction syntax and this makes it robust enough to even create basic websites.


Automating test grading with optical recognition. Smart data usage for analysing student potential and helping choose the ideal course.


Marketing data analysis, sentiment analysis, social listening, predictive pricing, segmentation, audience retargeting and sales forecasting.


Data analysis for portfolio or risk management. Bank Bots to assist in banking tasks from fund transfer to customer queries.

News Publishing

Tracking and analysing reader interest for media companies to push personalised tailored content and reading recommendation.


Soil and crop monitoring systems. Predictive analysis of environmental impact over years for right sowing time. Auto-irrigation systems. Image recognition for identifying defects and soil deficiencies.


Logistics and transportation of troops, ammunition and goods. Target recognition with GIS data analysis. Data processing and pattern control. Combat simulation, training and threat monitoring.


Digital automation to compile and manage medical records. Test analysis such as CT Scans, X-Rays, mundane data entry tasks. Health Consultant Chatbots for ailment advice and medication reminders.


Customer analysis using data captured from surveys and reviews. Hospitality bots for service queries and room booking. Identifying factors that effect occupancy coupled with rate optimisation.

Reliable, Scalable Web Applications

Our expertise in Python allows creation of high-quality deep web-applications using frameworks like Django and Flask. To deliver high quality, it is important to provide a pragmatic, clean design coupled with reusable components to give your users a brilliant online experience

We understand the a versatility of Python that allows us to develop complex web applications for intelligent content management and collaboration.

In some scenarios, we use Pyramid for more complex systems that require interoperability with a number of templating applications and workflows.

Featured Projects

Image, Facial and Gesture Recognition

A few of our projects include facial recognition of convicts within a crowd, gesture recognition for hand raising or waving, sentiment analysis, image recognition to compare and match accuracy or differences between objects, OCR answer sheets, and tracking faulty engine parts.

Chatbots for Medical, HR and Banks

We have developed Chabots for Various websites where they act as Virtual Assistants or Customer Care Representatives. Catering to the services industry, clinics, recruitment, banks, airlines, fashion and even a major sports brand to answer queries related to the score, tournaments played, player profiles and more.



Credit card fraud detection by pulling data from the CRM to determine the duration, intervals and amenities that the expenses were used for. News recommendation based on analysis of user preferences and history. Predictive model for real estate to suggests correct price in an area using the LSTM ML strategy.