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Harness the power of Robotic Automation Process with the best RPA development services ranging from UiPath, BluePrism and Automation Anywhere to custom content automation services

Custom RPA Development Services

Achieve faster ROI with full-features AI-driven Robotic Process Automation
Harness the power of Robotic Process Automation in your business to automate tasks, streamline repetitive processes and optimize resource utilization. Hire RPA developers with years of experience in creating, designing, implementing, and developing end-to-end robotic software solutions.

We have expertise in UiPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism or creating custom RPA setups for automating mundane tasks ranging from content extraction, data population, aggregation to any transactional operations.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

 Spend more time on Higher Intelligence Work

Intelligent Content Extraction

Development of solutions for intelligent content extraction (a new technology that uses artificial intelligence to extract the information users need from a massive amount of data.) Intelligent content extraction technology automatically understands and extracts content from a source,  leveraging AI. It examines the text and generates a clean, structured data repository.

Data Gathering and Aggregation

Sophisticated data gathering and aggregation automation that collects, refines and consolidates data from disparate sources at web speed. Using state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms to produce insights and analytics on big data or recommendation service with uncanny accuracy.

Faster Transactional Operations

Smarter transactional processes are the cornerstone to a successful customer experience strategy. We help develop RPA solutions which automate the workflows that drive your company, be it financial services, healthcare, insurance and other industries, to success. Anything that is High Volume and High Repetition when it comes to transactions.

Web Scraping

We built custom crawlers around your specifications; you tell us what data sources to scrape, and we’ll handle the rest. Our core crawler architecture makes it easy to extend the number of sources being scraped, as well as customize how each process works. When combined with our scraping pipeline, which automatically handles the post-processing of scraped data, this allows superior customization of how data is stored and managed within your unique infrastructure.

Optimised Healthcare Processes

We create automated process workflows between healthcare professionals – such as GP practices, dentists, hospitals etc. alongside assembling tools which help the workflow, such as appointment booking systems, online consulting rooms and billings. Streamlining repetitive tasks that and providing a better patient experience, while reducing the burden of paperwork for healthcare professionals.

Automated Claim Processing

For insurance claims, set pre-defined and automated workflows to capture claims from multiple channels such as web forms, email, and SMS; and structure the captured content to be readily consumed by the claim software. The data can automatically be pushed for validation and assessment of the settlement amount or reviewed for fraud. On final confirmation, triggers allow payment processing.


chatbots help in increasing revenue in hospitality industry

Intelligent Document Processing

There are plenty of solutions out there to help companies automate their processes. What sets us apart is our ability to create custom solutions for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) at highly affordable rates. We also back every project with hands-on management and developer support, so that you do not have to hire another team member just to take care of your RPA project.

Companies have large a volume of invoices. Invoice processing has mundane  manual tasks which have the risk fo delay or even upload incorrect payments. Extraction of a wide range of fields or topics help ensure that data is extracted form the invoice  and accordingly, and ready to be populated to the existing database or ERP.

There are a number of challenges associated with invoice processing, starting with the invoice format – whether PDF or JPG/PNG. Once the data sources are identified, they need to be extracted based on the identified fields, after which the data needs to be consolidated and pushed to the existing database or ERP. The invoice formats could be native PDFs or paper based, scanned copies that are uploaded to the system. Paper-based invoice are extracted using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

With Clavis technologies, you can use state-of-the-art RPA development tech at production scale right away to handle your document processing requirements.

Our RPA Development Services

Intelligent Automation Design

We provide custom RPA solutions to design intelligent and automated workflows. We have built a strong portfolio of skills in digital interaction management combined with the vision of designing innovative business processes. Our team of consultants is here to help your automation succeed.

RPA Consultancy

Clavis technologies consultation services help in guiding businesses to automate office processes with the use of the latest RPA tech. We help streamline workflows within your organization, reduce costs and improve quality of service delivery. From RPA software for automating tasks to professional services, we support you every step of the way.

Offsite RPA Developers

With an highly experienced RPA development team, we provide engineers who understand RPA platforms including UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Our experts have been supporting customers, ranging from small businesses to international corporations, in real-time business operations.

Bot Development and Support

Bot development should be a productive and enjoyable experience. Clavis helps you with Bot development from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible, enabling you to focus on building awesome bots without having to deal with complicated tools getting in your way.

Our Approach to a Successful RPA Implementation


Identify and scope out the list of processes that need to be automated


Perform a technical and financial feasibility analysis with SMEs


Final process identification and gathering user stories for the assessment report


Go Live, make automation enhancements to reduce errors in production


Wide range testing of as many scenarios as possible and fix identified bugs


RPA development including scripts, platform, tools and automation tasks

Our Approach to a Successful RPA Implementation


Identify and scope out the list of processes that need to be automated


Perform a technical and financial feasibility analysis with SMEs


Final process identification and gathering user stories for the assessment report


RPA development including scripts, platform, tools and automation tasks


Wide range testing of as many scenarios as possible and fix identified bugs


Go Live, make automation enhancements to reduce errors in production

Across Industries and Departments

RPA automates processes across various departments such as finance, HR, legal, back office for a range of industries

Retail & eCommerce

We help merchants with RPA services such as Web scraping for price comparison and competition gauging to boost sales and accelerate growth through best-in-class automation, which has driven extraordinary results for our customers such as: growth in average handled customer; increase in order accuracy; costs associated with manual order fulfillment; and decrease in shopping cart abandonment.

Human Resource

RPA plays a significant role in HR management, payroll processing, recruitment and workforce analytics. This technology will move the human resources department to the next level by reducing the number of errors, delays and deployment time. A large part of streamlining mundane recruitment tasks for processes like screening, assessing, and onboarding can be automated by over 80% 

Digital Agencies

For the past decade, Clavis has helped top digital agencies transform their approach to digital marketing. Scraping and price tracking on competitor websites and more intelligence reports. Highlighting key  points that help understand competitor offers and to take better informed decisions on the marketing strategies and to manage market intelligence data in a more productive way. 

Education and E-learning

RPA development services from Clavis helps you with automation which is useful for managing administrative operations, generating actionable reports, streamlining admission process, developing an improved student service system, and conducting academic research. It also provides customized academic services for teachers and students for providing personalized education programs.

IT Services

Rapid response IT support, maintenance and mobility management solutions have been expanded to include a full line of technical services to protect your business from the growing effects of cyber threats. We offer a range of flexible, customized solutions designed for small–to-medium sized businesses with over 200 employees.

Publishing and Media

Automating page layout design, formatting, and publishing of content to various media has huge benefits. Following the digital revolution in publishing, the process of research in publishing has also been enhanced with automation. RPA works in increasing productivity across the complete publishing and media lifecycle.

Financial Services

RPA is increasingly becoming the norm in the financial services industry. Banks are spending less time executing routine tasks which involve documents, data processing, and data entry. While financial and accounting departments speed up task including accounts receivable and payable.

Health and Social Care

RPA in Health and Social Care’s objective is to bring efficiency, accuracy, transparency, simplicity, speed, power, and savings  to the administrative processes of insurance companies. Clavis with its RPA development services has set out to help medical professionals with automation tools that can  access patient records more effectively.


Clavis technologies in collaboration with the trusted team of  RPA experts brings to you automated solutions that are designed to undertake the cumbersome processing tasks related to insurance, claims, documentation and invoicing.


With RPA, the global manufacturing companies are able to optimize their workforce by reducing average handling time or work in progress (WIP). RPA in manufacturing helps businesses save costs, increase efficiency and revenue that outperforms the manual processes.

Energy and Utilities

After implementation of RPA in energy utilities has helped companies save cost and improve the performance of their operational processes and revolutionizing the way the business has been handled from capacity metering to billing and settlements.

Automotive Industry

An immense focus on key issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumersto technology providers. We provide the complete package – from big data and analytics, to cloud and mobility solutions, to integration and monetization platforms – that help our customers take full advantage of opportunities created.

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