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Newspapers, magazines, books, BPO or corporate publisher, you’ve come to the right place!

Streamline and Automate Publishing!

As publishers, you are always under pressure to deliver high quality engaging content that is interactive and rich in design across print, web and mobile platforms.

Newspapers, magazines, books and journal publishers all face the challenge of increasing readership while retaining revenue. More so due to the amount of free content available online.

We create publishing workflow software, plug-ins on InDesign and QuarkXPress, and digital publishing software that help streamline your production workflow and save time in mundane tasks.

Our Solutions for Publishers

Digital Publishing Solutions

From creating platforms for eBooks, ePapers and eMagazines to websites and mobile apps for publications, we have a deep rooted expertise in digital publishing.

Mobile Apps

Our app development team has been catering to mobile apps for news and books since the time new age platforms like mobile phones and tablets on iOS and Android.

CMS Solutions

We customise platforms such as Drupal or WordPress and develop home grown Content Management Systems (CMS) to give the best user experience to readers

Layout Automation Software

Enabling smooth import of content elements including text formatting, tables, anchored images, table of contents, glossaries, math equations, into layout software which reduces hours of mundane formatting.

Publishing Tool Integrations

Some amazing tools for content capturing, proofing and reporting can be leveraged in your publishing workflow. We’ve done deep integrations with Google DoubleClick, SalesForce, Asura and many more platforms.

DRM Software

A Digital Rights Manager is a complex software to restrict unauthorised use and distribution of content. The DRMs we create are custom made for publishers depending on the content type.

Quark and InDesign Plugins

Import and export text, images, graphics, web content, xml from a range of file formats including Word, Excel, PSD, PDF, AI, ePUB, HTML5 – to and from QuarkXPress and InDesign and manage automated layout formatting.

Ad Management Solutions

Grabbing ad content from a backend and handling classified and display ad flow on newspaper pages to reduce hours of manual work into seconds

Publishing Automation

A part of content automation that starts from capturing and storing content intelligently so it can be published and reused to any output including print and digital.

We’d rather not say… so we let our customers do so

I was amazed at the quality and commitment from Clavis. The InDesign plug-ins developed for our layout automation saves us hundreds of man hours each month. They deliver beyond expectations every time – and that’s awesome!
—Rick Nordberg

Production Head

Sometimes, all you want is a job well done. I have to say, Clavis has been one of the most dependable companies I have worked with to get the job done. Their understanding of the publishing industry gave us the confidence to let them manage the full project with minimal intervention.
—James Van Dyck


In our industry, every minute is critical. When we get automation software that saves hours, it just shows how much scope there is to push the boundaries and be more competitive. What Clavis did for us is simply awesome!
—Edward Pincus

Publishing Head

We understand Publishing. We just need to know more about your Pain Points.