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Building modern applications with advanced React developers for better performance, quick development and scalable new-age web applications.  We deliver interactive, progressive and dynamic apps that are web and mobile ready, offering an amazing user experience.

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Embracing React

ReactJS for your web app

ReactJS is an open-source, JavaScript library used to create rich and interactive user interfaces. ReactJS has been known for its extensibility, scalability, and simplicity, where the framework enables the creation of large and complex web applications with reusable user interface components.

The power of ReactJS can be leveraged to design simple views for each state in an application and is capable of updating and rendering the right components as the application data evolves. Being an open-source framework, ReactJS is acclaimed as the most economical framework option for building feature-rich applications for the web.

At Clavis our professionals have proficiency in offering world class ReactJS development solutions across various market domains, leveraging React to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions and services that help them remain ahead in the competitive market.

React Native for mobile app development

React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Using React Native you can create truly native apps without compromising the users experiences.

With a spike in the demand for mobile apps that work across iOS and Android, React Native lets you leverage the power of JavaScript and iterate at the speed of light. No longer do you need to wait for native builds to compile. You can save, view and repeat the process quickly throughout your app development lifecycle.

Our experts specialize in developing and deploying high quality mobile apps using React Native. With hundreds of iOS and Android apps across industries, we understand the importance of high quality, feature rich, cross platform apps that provide an amazing user experience.

Clavis for your next React Application

We believe that a focus on People and Processs helps create great Products and gives our customers an amazing User Experience

User Experience

We believe in providing a high quality user experience to our customers and users who interact with our applications. This drives customer satisfaction.

React Knowledge

With over 50 ReactJS and React Native developers, we provide dedicated teams that have delivered enterprise level, highly secure and scalable solutions on React.


Get full control on your React team with complete transparency on time tracking and deliverables. We follow best practices for project tracking and React development.


Engagement model options from shared resources to dedicated teams following the agile methodology to give you high quality output at competitive pricing.

MERN at its Best 

With over 70 React and Node developers, we are able to provide the best MERN stack applications that are scalable, fast and secure. We provide value across industries with a strong performance in delivering projects ranging from data analytics and chatbots to production and learning management solutions. 

Companies Globally Trust us on React

From startups to fortune 500 companies, we’ve implemented small and enterprise level projects on ReactJS and React Native. Millions of users interact with MERN and MEAN based applications created by our amazing developers. 

30+ React projects Delivered

Over the course of 4+ years working with React, our team has successfully delivered over 30 web applications in ReactJS, and we’re working on many more. Each of these projects have been hand crafted (literally) by doing a deep analysis on the customer requirements and making sure the user experience is of the highest quality.

Flexible Technology Stack

Even though all the projects use React, there are multiple technologies used, especially in enterprise solution, to make sure the application is scalable and fast while migrating or retaining a hybrid model for legacy systems. Connecting to SQL and NOSQL databases, or using React with Node, .NET, PHP and other technologies that removes the rigidity of needing to scrap an existing working software that is business critical.

Featured Projects

MF Production Management

A comprehensive media back-office software designed for creative and production studios to collaborate and manage print and interactive projects. The technologies developed by us for production management are seamless and end-to-end. Providing the ability to create, manage and deliver web and print projects with automated workflows from anywhere and at any scale. 


A highly advanced chatbot that schedules appointments, guiding users to the best services, capturing customer leads, helping service providers get good reviews on their work while ensuring customers get high quality service with the right price each time. Zyra is used by thousands of businesses, and hundreds of thousands of customers every day. 

Learning LXP

A powerful corporate learning experience platform empowering organisations you to develop, deliver and track training for employees, clients, and partners. Powered with AI, it offers a number of training delivery modes ranging from classroom to virtual, with comprehensive assessments, certification, learning journeys and detailed analytics to help maximise effectiveness and productivity.

Value Across Industries

No matter which industry you cater to, hire our React web and mobile app developers. There is a strong chance we’ve worked on something relevant to you.



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