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Whether you’re looking for strategic HR tools, recruitment, employee management, payroll automation, appraisals or time / attendance management, Clavis HRMS has it all!

    What is 3 + 3 ?

    A feature set that others can only dream of

    Employee Management

    Employee record management made easy. Now add new employees, create roles, branches, hierarchical employee definitions, configure alerts for events such as contract renewal or disciplinary actions and generate employee MIS reports from one neatly integrated interface.

    Employee Self-Service

    A next-generation HR management system that enables employees to perform redundant tasks without HR intervention. Employees can apply for and view the status of applied leaves, claims, advances, and changes in personal information. Managers or leads can view and approve leaves, loads, claims and appraisal details.


    Clavis HRMS makes payroll processing a breeze. From designing salary components to tax, PF and other deductions, our intelligent interface helps you do all that and compute salaries in time, month after month! Attendance integration makes calculating paydays easier and you can even integrate your existing financial systems, such as Tally with ease. How cool is that?


    Employee attendance is the primary component for computing the employee’s compensation or exit payouts. Clavis HRMS helps you integrate RF or biometric employee attendance records, so you can easily manage attendance. The API allows you to integrate our HRMS with your existing biometric system.

    Leave Management

    Still looking for leave requests or approvals in your inbox? Stop! Transform your leave policy and leave approval system in just a few clicks. Clavis HRMS will help you to automate and implement your leave policies, including leave carry forwarding, cancellation, approval, encashment and application from a unified, easy-to-use interface.


    Are you using multiple systems for recruitment and managing employees? Not anymore! With Clavis HRMS, you can easily access internal and external candidate details. Clavis HRMS brings your entire recruitment process to one seamless, integrated interface so you can quickly get candidate info and send offer letters. Happy recruiting!

    Appraisal Management

    Build a smarter appraisal process in just a few clicks. Define the appraisal cycle, set KRAs, rating systems, and questionnaires, schedule and conduct discussions, provide ratings and quickly generate MIS reports. Clavis HRMS allows you to create a clear, transparent, and truly smart appraisal process in minutes!


    Learning management is a complex process in which both the trainer and the trainee must be available, on the same page and provide feedback or performance tracking for the training. With Clavis HRMS, you can do all that and manage a trainer database with the complete training history of the trainee, all from one neat, integrated interface!

    Asset Management

    Forget about storing employee asset data in excel sheets or filing cabinets! Clavis HRMS brings a world-class asset management system that helps you assign, track, and generate asset reports from a unified interface. You can also levy asset damage charges from within the interface if an employee loses or damages the asset assigned to them.


    Thinking of how to generate a particular report? Chances are that it’s already included in our 200+ strong predefined report repository! Now generate reports in a format of your choice—including PDF, Word, Excel, XML, and Editable RTF. You can also easily create custom reports using our world-class transaction and MIS reportage system for all modules.

    Travel Management

    Setting up, applying, and approving travel and expense claim types and limits is super easy. Clavis HRMS helps admins and employees manage every aspect of claim management within the platform. Now give your employees a world-class expense management system with just a few clicks!


    Are you using a financial system like Tally or a different payroll management or ERP system? No problems! Clavis HRMS integrates neatly with most attendance systems, proximity device systems, ERP systems, financial platforms, and payroll management systems.

    When it comes to HRMS platforms, ease of use is as important as functionality. With Clavis HRMS, We got a super easy-to-use software that our users love. The user interface is clean, simple and uses terms that our users understand.

    YG Estates Facilities Management

    We’re processing attendance and salaries with two days to spare! This would have been impossible without Clavis HRMS. Thank you!

    Vijay Sabre Safety

    We were looking for a HRMS solution that is functional, feature-rich, and user friendly at the same time. Our workforce has employees that range between 18-60 years of age, and it is important that the software we choose works for everyone. Clavis HRMS was simple, easy to use and worked just the way we wanted it to.

    U Serve Security Services

    When it comes to HRMS platforms, ease of use is as important as functionality. With Clavis HRMS, We got a super easy-to-use software that our users love. The user interface is clean, simple and uses terms that our users understand.

    Sea Marine Surveyors and Assessors

    Clavis HRMS made sense-something that is lacking in most other software that are built with engineers in mind. Our team has employees with varied backgrounds and most of them started using it without much difficulty, which is a first. Our requirement was simple. If the software is easy to implement, easy to use and does not need a week of training to use, we’re good to go. Clavis HRMS ticked all the boxes and was a breeze to learn how to use. Our employees love it.

    KD Logistics

    I used to dread making reports–simply because it took so much time and needed so much of data that just walking into the boardroom was a traumatic experience. With Clavis HRMS, reportage is just a button-click away and the easy-to-use UI makes it simple for anyone to generate complex reports in seconds!

    Pioneer Power Service

    Elevate your HR experience

    • A to Z of HR and Payroll from Hire to Retire
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Highly configurable
    • Workflow automation
    • Attendance device integration
    • Integrated reportage and MIS
    • Security and rights management built-in

    Transform your employee experience

    Hire better – every time: Finding good candidates is challenging. Take the guesswork out of hiring with Clavis HRMS. Send personalized offer letters, remove bottlenecks and improve communication. Now hire the right candidate for the right job – every time.

    Transform onboarding: Onboarding is stressful. Clavis HRMS helps you organize your onboarding processes to ensure a happier first day for your new hires. Add personal touches for a more heartfelt, warm, and welcoming experience for new talent.

    All your people data in one place: Stop fishing for HR data at the nth hour. Access employee data quickly – from employee records to approvals, reporting, appraisals, payroll and leave data—all in one place for easy access every time.

    Custom Workflows and reportage: Create world-class reports and custom workflows with ease from within the app. Remove bottlenecks and speed up operations

    Easy-to-understand for everyone: Give non-tech-savvy users software they will love! We engineered the HRMS with simplicity and reliability in mind, so your employees get a simple, easy-to-use software that helps them concentrate on what they do best!

    End-to-end solution: From creating JDs to searching for candidates, hiring, onboarding, processing payroll, and managing appraisals, leaves, resignations and retirement. A complete HR software suite that works from Hire to Retire.


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