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Create a larger-than-life experience for your users! Let our Metaverse, AR/VR, Blockchain and AI help you tap into the new era of the internet!

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When you’re targeting a potential $426b+ USD market, nothing but the best will do. Metaverse developers at Clavis have spent years perfecting their Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, and Avatar creation skills to help you build innovative and immersive VR experiences for your customers.

NFT / AR / VR / Blockchain for all industry verticals

Whether you’re working in real estate, medicine, gaming, 3D modelling, education, NFTs, events, animation, or social media, we’ve got your back!

Our specialized metaverse developers will help you curate an outstanding, next-generation user experience for your apps and platforms.

Why Choose Clavis for Your Next Metaverse Project?

  • We’ve got the power of specialized metaverse designers and developers
  • We have the tools and the tech you need for a world-class metaverse solution
  • We’ve been around for over 11+ years with an impeccable service record
  • We know more about Metaverse compared to our competition
  • We’ve invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to help you succeed
  • We assure quality, reliability, and a product-market fit

Specialized Metaverse Development Services

Social Metaverse Development

Take virtual interactive social experiences to the next level! Create vivid and highly interactive virtual hangouts, concerts, events, and landscapes for users who love to socialize virtually.

Gaming Metaverse Development

Take your users gaming experience to the next level! Our end-to-end gaming design and development services will help you create stunning and captivating avatars and realistic 3-D gaming experiences.

Real Estate Metaverse Development

Showcase, buy, sell, and trade properties virtually. Our experienced real estate metaverse development team will help you create a superior and highly interactive virtual 3-D real estate and trading platform!

NFTs Metaverse Development

Whether it is artwork, spaces, or any other type of NFT, we’ve got your back. Our designers and developers can help you create world-class online trading platforms for your non-fungible tokens.

Decentralized Spaces Development

Whether for socialization, gaming, trading, or any other use, our world-class design and development teams can help you create next-gen decentralized spaces for your next metaverse project!

3-D Spaces Metaverse Development

We’ve designed and developed highly scalable three-dimensional spaces to help our customers embrace newer use cases across multiple innovative concepts. Let us help you design your next 3-D metaverse spaces!

Metaverse DeFi Development

Monetizing your metaverse assets needs a decentralized finance or DeFi service that provides the executional logic for peer-to-peer transactions. Our vast experience in DeFi services can help your customers transact securely and with ease!

Metaverse Integration

Give your existing projects and services the boost they need in the metaverse! Our designers and developers will help you transform your existing platforms, apps, and services into world-class, metaverse-ready solutions!

3-D modelling services

Immersive 3-D models are the backbone of metaverse VR/AR. Our world-class team of highly skilled designers can create realistic virtual 3-D representation of objects for your next-gen metaverse platform.

Metaverse Events Platform Development

Make realistic interactions with avatars in a fully customized, 3-D virtual event platform. We have the resources and the technology in place to help you create event platforms for concerts, social gatherings and more!

Metaverse eCommerce Development

Help your customers shop online in 3-D! Our designers and developers can help you create a realistic 3-D online eCommerce platform that completely transforms your customer’s shopping experience.

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