Learning and School Management Software 

We create custom LMS and School Management software with mobile apps that bring students, teachers and parents on a single platform.

School Management Software

We create user friendly School ERP Software solutions that give access to teachers, students, parents, admin staff and management. Our solutions created include a wide range of modules to manage attendance, timetables, examinations, news, events, library, transportation, HR, payroll and much more.

Learning Management Software (LMS)

Our experience in building learning platforms or deploying open source LMS solutions provides educators, administrators and learners with a robust, integrated learning environment. Develop and manage courses, assign roles, enroll and track student progress. 

Manage All Aspects of your Educational Institution

Robust User Management

Choose from base roles in the system including Administrator, Teacher, Parent and Student – or create your own roles and assign specific privileges to give access based on their responsibilities.

Detailed Student Info

Enter detailed user information from their admission details to their address and medical information. Quickly search and access student records.

Manage Timetable

Create and manage timetables per session to include classes, recess, weekdays and holidays. Assign teachers and subjects to classes with inbuilt conflict management.

Student Attendance

Take and view student attendance. Mark status whether present, absent, on task, leave, late, bunking and add comments. Get a quick view of the monthly and annual student attendance.

Leave Management

Apply for and view leave history. Approved leave applications automatically populate in the attendance screen to future simplify the process.

Test and Exam handling

Follow grading systems, create class tests, add marks and get reports to see the performance of students for each examination or view the complete marksheet.

News and Events

Mark events and create news items that engage students, parents and teachers on the latest happenings of your institution so they can like and comment on news or follow events of their interest.

School Calendar

Upcoming events get marked in the calendar so you know exactly when to schedule the other activities.


Send circulars, notices or general notifications to a specific student, teacher or the entire school. Give parents the option to accept, endorse, deny permission or reply to notifications. Gain effective communication with parents, students and teachers

Inventory and Purchase

Manage indents and purchase items for your institution. Track the entire process and analysed in future for verification. Allow requesters to raise requests whenever items are needed and view an audit trail and status of each requests.

Dashboards and Analytics

Role wise dashboards give a summary relevant to administrators, teachers, parents and students. Access powerful analytics to compare student, subject, class or school performance.


Plan and manage your institution’s transportation system, record vehicle information, define routes, assign students and teachers to bus routes, collect bus fee, get reports and get child notifications at their stop. 


Library Management

Organise and manage books, add details, search, reserve and issue books. Check the due duration, outstanding and tally records of all books in the library. 


Fee Management

Create fee structures with categories, track outstanding fee per student, send reminders, collect fee with payment gateway integration, generate invoices and get reports. 


Conduct Tracking

Track student conduct and take disciplinary action accordingly to improve student outlook and involvement.

Photo / Video Gallery

Upload and share pictures and video clips of events or functions with parents, students and teachers. Organise albums and give access to all users.


Educational Mobile Apps

School management on the go using mobile apps for teachers, students and parents is becoming the de facto standard. While teachers get the ability to take attendance, students view timetables, parents get updates from administrators who can send messages and notifications – all from a single app. The best part is the ability to do a wide range of features that a powerful backend ERP provides like paying fees, requesting leave,  collaborative messaging, tracking events and much more from an app that is branded with your institution’s name, logo and colours.

Bringing e-learning to your finger-tips​ allows learners to take courses when they are travelling in a bus or metro and even when they’re lazing around in bed. The ability to download multiple courses on their mobile phones and go through sessions at their own convenience even when they are offline revolutionises the way the education can be disseminated remotely without the need to learn face-to-face in classrooms.

Another trend is the growth of educational gaming apps that make learning fun and foster creative thinking. Games have a higher level of stickiness that ignite a passion for learning from a tender age that can begin with learning counting to typing to mathematics, giving them a great experience in their educational journey.


Course Management and Learning Platforms

Course Design

A responsive interface for desktop and mobile devices to design and manage courses that meet your requirements. Flexibility with classes that can be led by instructors, self-paced, blended or entirely online. Learn together in forums, glossaries, wikis, activities and more.

Progress Tracking

Use calendars to keep track of your academic calendar, course deadlines, group meetings, and other events. Get automatic notifications on new assignments, deadlines, and forum posts. Track status and completion with tracking options for individual activities, lessons or courses.


Assign multiple markers to assignments, manage grade moderation, review with inline feedback,  and control when marks are released to individual learners. Use built in activities like surveys for learners to view, grade and assess their own work and the work of other course members.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards display current, past and future courses, along with tasks lists. View and generate reports on activity and participation of courses. As well as site wide reports that include the course overview, events list, question instances, comments list, activity logs, performance and security overviews and more. 

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