Print on Demand

Read the newspaper you love from anywhere

Your Favourite Newspaper when you Travel

Print the paper you want to read from any location across the globe. Pick from one of the top 250 titles in the world Complex software handles the upload, resizing, proofing and layout optimisation of the newspaper’s high resolution print file. The optimised file is then sent to a local printer in the city of the customer. The printed newspaper then gets delivered to the local hotel, embassy, airport lounge, cruise ship or any other establishment that wants access to their local newspaper from another country or region.

Everyone Benefits from PoD

Print-on-demand has a highly beneficial result not only for the entire supply chain, but also from an environmental perspective due to reduced wastage

  • Publishers maintain and expand their readership
  • Advertisers gain exposure for their newspaper campaigns
  • Distributors have the opportunity to print a larger range of titles, with the circulation they need
  • Readers access their preferred newspaper in their hands or on their electronic device
  • The environment benefits as the number of unsold paper copies are reduced to a minimum and less traffic by road or air is necessary

A Wider Scope

Print on demand technology is used for a multiple services such as book printing, marketing collateral, signages, VDP and much more

Book & Commercial Printing

Direct & Cross Media Marketing

Signage & Large Format Printing

Variable Data Printing

A Passion for Newspapers

Passionate about newspapers and how they can be distributed. See how DigiNewsPress committed to quality services with their print on demand service of over 250 of the top newspapers globally.