Let Your Work Flow with Content Automation

Automate your mundane and error-prone tasks with intelligent content. It’s all about reducing your time to market.

How Content Automation Works


When you start creating content, your subject matter experts need to be able to work with well structured content. That means each component of the content needs to be properly identified so it can be easily captured, extracted and reused if needed. The process of tagging each component is what makes your content intelligent. Intelligent content also means that you are handling multiple elements such as text, images, data, charts, tables and videos. Having smart or intelligent content is what enables content automation.

Smart Storage

Now that all your content is tagged and intelligent, the database and content management system needs to match the smartness. From the content creators to reviewers to designers, everyone is on board a single platform that allows them to interact with the content collaboratively. A status-based workflow with a powerful review tools allows effective routing of content with a holistic review and approval cycle. Updating these intelligent components is not only easy, but centralised – so a change made at one location reflects everywhere.

Content Transformation

Streamlining content management with reusable components gives you the ability to push content to multiple media. Delivering the final published content securely in multiple formats such as PDF, HTML and ePub to print and digital devices with a powerful Digital Rights Manager (DRM). The DRM restricts unauthorised distribution of your proprietary content. The complete process of transforming the content to reach devices that your audience accesses with well-formatted high-fidelity design is where our solutions let you deliver effectively.

Some Visible Benefits

Increased Productivity

Make your work easy so you can take on more tasks to service a greater number of customers


Every company has different automation requirements. We develop custom solutions to speed up specific processes

Precise Transformation

Our development process gives high precision automation so you get a positive and effective result

Time Saving

The key focus is to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks so you are free to do more quality work

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