Hire Dedicated Developers & Software Programmers

We take care of your outsourced development needs we our team of software engineers and testers. Our flexible hiring models with a strong processes and clear communication allow you to easily manage dedicated developers and track progress.

Hire Web, Mobile, Backend and Cloud Specialists

At Clavis Technologies, we proved flexible hiring models for your software. Catering to startups, mid-sized and large enterprises, we provide offshore developers on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis. Whether you choose a dedicated team or a shared resources, we make sure you get high quality development services.


Hire Python Developers

Being a leading AI/ML software development company, we have created prime solutions that align with our clients’ business strategies. Irrespective of the degree of complexity, we leverage the domain expertise of our Python certified professionals for software development.

Hire .NET Developers

We deliver scalable and reliable .NET solutions that cater to your business requirements. Our expertise in providing end-to-end development services lets us create high-performance software solutions. Our application developers make sure you get secure applications for the web, cloud and mobile devices

Hire AngularJS Developers

We’ve developed some amazing web and mobile applications with this highly flexible and extensible framework that gives us the edge to provide you with best-in-class AngularJS development services. Our certified developers create faster and more responsive web applications for business owners.

Hire NodeJS Developers

Built to handle asynchronous I/O and supported by fast JavaScript execution, Node.js has the magical Event Loop to handle large volumes and data intensive operations. Our developers help optimise Node.js software application’s by leveraging its capabilities of effective throughput and scalability.

Hire iOS Developers

Our Apple developers are well versed with Swift and Objective-C. Leveraging our deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem we use Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks in the XCode IDE to create brilliant native iOS apps that work seamlessly on iPhones and iPads

Hire Android Developers

We have experts who understand the complete technology stack of Android development. From coding in Java to using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), creating APIs and designing an app that give the right user experience on any Android mobile phone or tablet.

Hire React Developers

When creating web applications or Hybrid apps, ReactJS and React Native let you deploy your app across platforms quickly. Our developers are well versed with React framework leveraging the use of UI libraries and multiple components.

Hire Flutter Developers

Leveraging Flutter to transform the entire app development process, our experts to build and deploy beautiful web and mobile applications from a single codebase. Having worked on a number of projects our developers are well versed with creating fast, flexible, productive apps.


Hire InDesign Plugin Developers

Our certified Adobe developers create InDesign Plugins that automate publishing and content workflow. From integrations with existing CMS solutions and import from Microsoft Office files to exporting data across platforms including print, web and mobile.

Hire Acrobat Plugin Developers

Understanding print and web is key to creating effective Adobe Acrobat plugins. Our plugin developers manage create tools to handle PDF security, automation, image colour conversion, format handling, quality proofing, PDF conversion to digital formats and more.

Hire Photoshop Plugin Developers

We create Adobe Photoshop plugins that automate and speed up workflows by handling bulk image tasks like effects, auto-filters, resizing and exporting – anything that can offers a quick and easy way to extend the capabilities of Photoshop while saving time.

Hire QuarkXPress XTension Developers

We create QuarkXPress XTensions that automate your publishing and content workflow. Our experienced developers create XTs that import data from various sources like Word, Excel, Google Docs / Sheets, CMS and export to xml, print, web and mobile devices.

Hire WordPress Developers

The most commonly used CMS today is easy to setup and easy to use. Our designers and developers can create WordPress websites, build themes, integrate existing themes, have solid knowledge of using builders, adding plugins and know how to optimise your website for search engines.

Hire WooCommerce Developers

Built on top of WordPress, WooCommerce is a fast growing platform for the small to mid sized store owners. The use of this powerful plugin had helped a lot of our clients get their eStores up and running quickly.

Hire Alfresco Experts

Leverage the full potential of the Alfresco content management platform with our certified developers. With the ability to write extensions in Java & JavaScript, our developers customise, integrate and optimise your Alfresco deployment just for your specific business needs.

Hire DevOps Experts

Our DevOps experts are familiar with a wide range of platforms and tools to effectively setup and manage scalable, secure and highly efficient deployments, HA/DR setups and CI/CD. From AWS and Azure to Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes, they do it all. 

Hire SalesForce Developers

From development and consultancy to integration of Salesforce with your existing software, we provide end-to-end services for large, mid-sized and small organisations who want to implement this powerful CRM or Salesforce based business solutions including Salesforce 1 mobile app development.

Hire Unity and Augmented Reality Developers

Our experts have the capability to create cross-platform 2D and 3D games and Augmented Reality apps using this remarkably powerful development platform. We provided experienced Unity developers who can modify existing apps or create new ones from the ground up.


Hire UIPath Developers

We understand the use of Robotic Process Automation  (RPA) for businesses that want to create more value. We have a team of UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developers with the expertise to help organisations efficiently automate business processes across departments.

Hire QA & Testing Automation Experts

We deliver high quality software testing services without any hassle! We blend superior test management, expertise and highly skilled resources to provide automation, functional, performance, usability, compatibility, security, accessibility, mobile testing and more.

Hire AWS Specialists

A wide range of services depend on inbound leads. The use of Service Chatbots enables automated lead qualification even for small and medium sized businesses. That includes handling queries and initiating deeper engagement with potential leads.

Hire Magento Developers

From basic eCommerce development to developing and deploying superstores using the Enterprise Edition, we provide a full range of Magento development services. Our deep understanding of the platform lets our clients experience online selling at its best.



Hire OpenCart Developers

Quick and easy to use, OpenCart has the advantage of being light-weight and have super-fast load time due to the use of AJAX. Shorter learning curves and simple store management make this a preferred option for smaller eCommerce players. Plus our expertise helps!

Hire Azure Specialist

Realtor Bots can help manage leads by providing details of interested properties, initiate conversations, reply to inquiries, schedule viewings, show virtual walk throughs, collect preferences and backed with AI, provide analytical details for future marketing campaigns.

Hire GCW Developers

Consulting doctors with packed schedules can usually be costly. Health Consultant Chatbots can provide the required advice for less serious ailments and even help medication reminders. AI analytics allow performance enhancements of these bots.

Hire Illustrator Plugin Developers

A wide range of services depend on inbound leads. The use of Service Chatbots enables automated lead qualification even for small and medium sized businesses. That includes handling queries and initiating deeper engagement with potential leads.

Development Methodology

Engagement Models

Fixed budget

If you have a clearly defined project scope, this is best way to go. Even if it’s a Phase-I or a PoC, we work with you to make sure you get high quality output at a flat cost. We are flexible based on changes and enhancements during project development.

Time & Material

Here you pay for what you use. As most projects grow, you may need dedicated or shared resources to develop your software in a way that aligns with changing business dynamics.

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