Your Content in an Intuitive DAM

A highly secure, scalable and flexible Digital Asset Management solution for your videos, audios, pictures and documents.

High Performance Digital Asset Management

With our innovative technologies and solutions we provide you with a flexible Digital Asset Management system designed for your enterprise. The great part – it works across a wide range of industry verticals. Basically for any organisation that wants to keep their files organised and easily accessible.

Media & Entertainment

Quick access and retrieval of relevant media data like print catalogues, partner catalogues, press material, E-shops, video on demand in varying formats and layouts whether you’re a studio, creative agency, broadcaster or production house.


Newspapers, magazines, books and journal publishers have more than one thing in common. Handling loads of content and a fighting against the clock to be able to retrieve information relevant to their next article. Its all possible with our Digital Asset Management software.


Loss of assets and misuse of highly confidential documents is always a challenge when it comes to government organisations. Our DAM provides a highly secure setup with quick digital asset tracking. This  highly scalable solution makes it perfect for the public sector.


Carriers have always faced challenges in managing their digital assets. While larger airlines are well versed with DAM solutions, smaller providers find the need to take control of assets as they grow. Our solutions help even small airlines manage their assets effectively.

Large Organisation

Complex and large organisations need access to the high volumes of digital assets created for the thousands of employees operating in multiple countries. We provide the best way to integrate existing systems to our Digital Asset Management solution.


Schools, universities, colleges and training institutions always have the need to manage vast libraries content, pictures, files and records. Our DAM allows multiple departments collaborate and share files with secure options to access documents off campus.


One of the key pain-points is ensuring that franchisees have consistent branding at least across a single region with instant access to the relevant files. With our DAM franchises can make the most up to date files available while maintaining permission controls at every level.


The highest quality if service is always expected from the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts having multiple locations and a range of products offerings, need to make sure they enable their sales, service and marketing teams get access to digital assets as needed.

Built for Your Organisation to Work Faster

Digital Asset Management solutions help you organise content the way you want. From adding keywords, titles, notifications, alerts to custom metadata. Effective management of expense and time has always been a conundrum for many enterprises and public institutions. Competition in the market has been forcing companies to resolve issues related to time and money constraints. In DAM, the asset here refers to valuable information data. Creating the data requires time and money. Data can map out vital company communication information, indispensable at every level of business. The Digital Asset Management Solution developed by Clavis is a platform with which all important communication can be mapped and implemented across enterprises

Power Packed Document Management

We understand that its not just all about power packed features, but we made sure we put them in so you get what you want.

Document Management

User Management


Web Client

Custom Dashboards


Anti Virus

Search Engine

Version Control





Task Manager


Admin Control

Digital Asset Management

Let understand your organisation and see how we can help you manage your content better