File Flow 

Streamline your workflow with easy file management. Clavis Flow Manager lets you automate file download and upload from and to FTPs, folders and zipped files.

Quick and Easy

Automate File Movement

Upload, download, move, copy or backup any file. This can be done to and from FTPs, folders or zipped files. Initiate unlimited threads and create multiple flows. Configure and get email notifications on task completion or errors along with a detailed log.

Save Time, Reduce Errors

Flow Manager lets you automate file transfer between folders and FTPs. Define actions you want based on the file type and reduce the time spent on checking for errors. Stay in control and improve file tracking by getting status based notifications.

Works Across All Industries

Clavis Flow Manager enjoys the flexibility of being used out-of-the-box in for any industry that needs to transfer files or documents

Automate today

See how Clavis Flow Manager can automate file flow in your company.