Cloud based Software Solutions

Take a walk in the clouds with us and you’ll see some amazing solutions that have time and again proven our expertise in deploying applications for businesses of all sizes.

Move to the Cloud

We help you migrate your existing software to the cloud, in a secure manner.

Enhance your IT Infrastructure

We aim at providing you with the right cloud solution that helps you easily handle data storage, network security, secured backups, end-user protection, and disaster recovery. The solutions offer cost reduction, flexibility, and optimal resource utilisation. Our team looks at your current public, private, and hybrid cloud services so that you can focus on your core business.

Data Storage and Integrity

Cloud computing solution give you platform where you can store files, access them, and retrieve them from any web-enabled interface. You can have access to stored data anytime anywhere. With our expertise in cloud security, our team has the ability to perform a number of penetration tests that help hardening the system and minimising malware attacks and code injection.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Using cloud computing offers disaster recovering (DR) solutions that provide faster recovery in case of loss of data, at a much lower cost. We understand how cloud-based solutions make time-consuming backing-up data operation an automatic and continuous operation. We make sure your data is readily available in for recovery immediately.

Minimal Launch Time

Our tech team has a deep understanding of deployments in the cloud. Setting up, configuring and managing the server effectively at optimal times that reduces maintenance down-time with live, well tested updates. Our cloud deployment services help in providing easy access with minimal upfront investment and reduced time to go-live.

Scalable Solution in the Cloud!

We create and migrate software solutions in the private, public, & hybrid cloud to meet the right computing support and security requirements of your enterprise. No matter what platform you choose, you can always change it later to benefit your enterprise in the long run. Additionally, we advise you on the best scalable cloud based solutions that give you access to sufficient resources that your existing software requires. Our cloud integration services are intended for your business applications, which you can consume more of as your business grows.

Software as a Service

Clavis Technologies offers the most innovative cloud integration services for SaaS applications that allow customers to transform their enterprise with new age technologies like artificial intelligence.

Platform as a Service

Clavis helps develop a wide range of applications on PaaS services that enable developers create secure software with advanced analytics.

Infrastructure as a Service

Expertise with high-performance IaaS platforms help our customers run application like media streaming effectively in the cloud.


Cloud Platforms

On of the market favourites, Amazon Web Services took its plunge into cloud computing services over ten years ago. From content delivery and storage, computation and networking to database are the four pillars that AWS follows with tools that we understand well including Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch and Config.
The confidence given by Google Cloud Platform with its products for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics often makes them the Cloud choice. Some perks like the cost effectiveness – especially when it comes to long term discounts –  with a high focus on privacy and traffic security often makes GCP a preferred platform.
Microsoft is a well known powerhouse that has been providing outstanding cloud services with Azure. Leading on data management, databases and computation, with access to security and management like Multi-Factor Auth, ADFS and Azure Active along with integration options to monitor tweak the system.

The Right Cloud

We’ll suggest the best cloud computing service options to store, manage, process you data and deploy your software solutions