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We don’t just code, We Engineer!

Software Product Engineering is a lot deeper than simply coding. It caters to the complete software product life cycle from ideation and innovation down to deployment and maintenance. At Clavis we follow a methodology that ensures delivery of a high quality software solution.

1. Ideation

We get involved at the idea stage, and that means the feasibility study to see if it looks reasonably viable, a system investigation to understand the practicality of the software and an analysis of the project goals followed by requirement definition.

2. Architecture

Here we create the core structure that defines the priorities that need to be focussed on keeping in mind the objective of the software. This addresses the key system concerns and is similar to a blueprint of a building.

3. Design

Once the structure is complete, we create the functional and operational design of the system. This is the UX/UI design, process diagrams, screen layouts, modules and the actual coding of the software solution.

4. Testing

Since we follow the agile model, this stage happens in parallel with the design stage. High quality testing including unit testing, system testing (which may include black-box, white-box, automation and regression) followed by user acceptance testing.

5. Deployment

Merging the work of all the developers and deploying it to a common build environment called the staging server is another step that happens concurrently with the design and testing. Post user acceptance testing on the staging server, the system is taken to the production (or live) server for final use by your end users.

6. Maintenance

We believe post deployment maintenance to be a very important part of the software engineering. Based on live user scenarios, we do impact and maintainability measurements that allows us to effectively optimise the software, correct errors and bugs, and remove any system redundancies that crop up.

7. Technical Support

The technical support team gets involved as soon as the product is live. Having level 1 and level 2 knowledge of the product that includes functional and administrative handling ensures that they can serve your end users, power users and system administrators. Plus route and support any issues and bugs being faced by users.

8. Professional Services

The final and ongoing phase is where the professional services team is involved in measuring the effectiveness, durability, scalability and performs an enhancement analysis. These include features that will improve your product from a functional and user experience perspective and cater to new environment enhancements like software upgrades as they occur.

Quality! That’s how we build trust.

We understand that Software Development is only a part of the complete picture. That’s why we employ trained business analysts who take a keen interest in understanding your business processes and systems, so that the technology we create is aligned to your business model.

We follow a rigorous agile methodology with functional and non-functional testing to ensure high quality product delivery. Regular code reviews by highly skilled system architects and lead developers makes sure that your software solution has well refactored code.

The final objective is an efficient, scalable and secure software. Our strong work ethic gives you full transparency with timely delivery. The cost-effectiveness is just a bonus.

Featured Projects

Media Production Management

A full fledged production management solution that is being used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe at every stage of their content and design workflow. Millions of assets are managed and routed to the relevant stakeholders to edit, review and design projects. The result is a quicker time to market with detailed analytics for better predictive campaign planning.

Newspaper Print-on-Demand

A publish-to-doorstep solution used by the top 250 newspapers globally that gives publishers an expanded reach and better circulation in new geographies with an effective proofing and tracking system that ensures on time delivery, digital rights management and payment handling through the entire newspaper print on demand workflow.

Research Report Production

A single centralised repository with user based access and an integrated content workflow that notifies stakeholders at each stage of the report production. Lead analysts review, while project managers track deliverables and designers get template based layouts with automated layout flow to deliver high fidelity reports faster to print, web and mobile devices. Sales tracking with detailed analytics gives management clarity at all stages.

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