The board is set.
Let the game development begin!

Cheesy, we know! But our gamer-first, developer-later game dev and design team knows exactly what it takes to build—and play an amazing game.
As passionate gamers ourselves, we love a challenge when it comes our way. Whether you’re looking for specialized game designers and artists, or dedicated Unreal Engine and Unity game developers, you’re at the right place.

It’s Game Time

At Clavis, we know that game development is not just about skill—”it’s about whether you feel something about it.” Tell us about your idea. Our awesome team of designers, animators, artists, and specialized game developers will make it happen—in style! We have an experienced team of designers, animators, game developers and creative artists who help to deliver outstanding solutions for all your creative requirements. We’re adept at using Unity and the Unreal Engine.

It’s not about the distant hope of creating a new world

We believe in innovation—and the need to craft something new for you. Our top game artists will help you curate stunning interactive experiences that your customers will love for years to come!

Hey! Look! Listen!

2D and 3D animations are the heart and soul of every game. Our 2D and 3D game artists will help you create worlds and characters that Zelda would be proud of.

Like a river’s flow, it never ends.

Game development is a continuous, iterative process. Agile at the core, our development team has the skills you need to build an outstanding game from scratch. Engage our experts for your next Unity based game.

Gun for the top spot!

Unity Game Engine

Unity is one of the world’s premier cross-platform gaming engines. With 20+ platforms and 53% of the 1,000 top-grossing mobile games globally in its kitty, Unity is your ticket to multi-platform gaming stardom. Our gamers and game developers can help you realize your dreams—fast!

Unreal Engine

Built to help bring the most demanding real-time experiences to life, our Unreal game developers and animators understand your need to create an unparalleled gaming experience!

pixi js logo


Using PixiJS, a lightning-fast 2D rendering engine, our developers create stunning interactive experiences. Adding to our expertise of creating rich, immersive graphics, we craft animations that captivate audiences across devices. In a nutshell, we create dynamic games with visually engaging elements that help bring your vision to life!

Cocos 2D Logo


We harness the power of Cocos – an efficient, light-weight, and cross-platform 3D development engine. Our deep understanding of Cocos lets us create immersive and captivating experiences across various devices and platforms. Be it crafting interactive mobile games or developing new age AR/VR applications, our team leverages Cocos to deliver exceptional results.

Cocos 2D Logo


Our expertise in Phaser development allows our game designers to create captivating game mechanics, optimising performance for seamless gameplay and integrating stunning visual effects. Our team harnesses the full potential of Phaser to deliver innovative, engaging browser games that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Kept you waiting, huh?

We provide turnkey game design and development services that help you transform your idea into a new world. Whether you need designers for a new game or developers to create a new world, our team is ready to help you build an award-wining game!