The Internet of Things

It may sound bananas, but it’s actually quite cool! Clavis provides IoT services which can be tailored for any business requirement, helping your enterprise optimise operations, make wise decisions, form novel revenue streams and reduce costs.

Make Your Devices & Networks Smart

According to the IDC, there will be over 40 billion IoT devices in 2025. IoT is an indispensable driver for connected smart devices, machines and wireless networks. 

Elevate Your Customer Experience through IoT

We aim to support smart initiatives for various enterprises and customers from diverse industries – ranging from manufacturing automation to home automation – leading to better business opportunities. Our loT applications offer various smart technology advantages to your enterprise, helping you explore the market and reap better customer collaborations for business growth at an accelerated pace.

Leverage on our IoT Expertise

Clavis offers exceptional IoT solutions that mainly focus on connecting services or operations for a vast range of smart enterprises, smart industries and smart homes. We deliver smartly connected products, combining the advantage of innovative analytics and machine learning to help your business become more proficient.

Boost Your Enterprise Quality and Performance

Clavis Technologies is now expanding its portfolio to offer unparalleled IoT application development – the perfect way to improve your enterprise expertise using IoT services. Our IoT app development solutions are aimed at providing precise and prompt services to your customers. Basically, we are focusing on making your business operations more seamless, smart and efficient by using minimal manpower.

Our IoT applications utilize new technologies in making projects relating to diverse areas realistic, like smart cities, smart healthcare, home automation, and more. We are focusing on enabling our partners to connect their business with smart devices across the globe. With highly secured and scalable IoT solutions, we enable our customers to embrace complete connectivity for their business.

An All-Rounder in IoT Solutions

We have systematically streamlined our development methodology by using the most advanced technologies. From the most innovative ideas to maintaining the final product, Clavis relies on high-quality integrated services and processes to deliver the best possible IoT solutions to you. 

Industrial Internet

Industrial Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ) is creation of brilliant machines with the integration of software, sensors and data analytics. Smart machines help companies track inefficiencies, control quality, enable sustainability and track problems quicker. Realtime data exchange lets you track running and optimisation of machinery from remote locations.


Home Automation

A Smart Home lets you control all the electrical appliances in the house using intelligence and controllers with accessibility from remote locations. From automatic lighting depending on the time of the day to controlling the temperature to allowing smart access to home owners. This is a growing trend in office and apartment buildings even in developing nations.


Integrating the healthcare industry on Internet of Things applications is a fairly new concept. Smart medical devices is the next chapter in the IoT  book. In the years to come, more and more B2C focussed applications will surface connecting people to wearable devices leading to healthier lifestyles. Health trackers will allow for easier diagnostic data capturing to combat illness.


Giving farmers better data insights that help improve their yield is quickly becoming the need of the hour. The pressures of growing global population has increased the demand-supply gap. Smart farming is already being adopted by large organisations that aim at bridging the gap with controlled irrigation and fertiliser use that also increases their return on investment.

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