Quick Access to All Your Case Files

A centralised and secure repository of all case files that can be accessed by your law firm and clients.

More than just Document Storage

Give your clients access to only their case files while being able to track billing hours with an effective timesheet.

Document Management

Robust Document Management System that lets you store, maintain case files, upload documents, search, edit, delete and filter details with accessibility on mobile devices.

Timesheet Tracking

Track the effort spent on clients and cases. Create and view timesheet details – whether submitted, not submitted, approved or pending approval.


Stay up to date on all important case events and deadlines. An effective calendar lets you manage your firm’s cases, staff, and client meetings with ease.


Download a range of reports customised to meet your needs. View leave reports, time spent on client cases, tasks and activities per associate. 

Enhancing Client Experience

A well informed client is a happy client. Our Legal Document Management System allows your firm to give access to your clients for only their cases. In addition to that, the timesheet report gives them transparency on the number of hours they are being billed for. 

Access control rights and permissions can be given to specific users so you decide who can view, access, edit or approve information. Clients can be given the ability to upload and share case files or add annotations that enables clear communication

Convenient and Secure

We pride ourselves in providing highly secure solution by employing best-in-class security practices. Having in-depth knowledge of software security helps us protect access to applications, data, and networks by securing the connections between users and cloud-based SaaS offerings.
We design and build our software with secured access points that enable you to launch and run your solutions in a protected cloud environment, virtual private server or on-site server. While protecting the system from cyber attacks we ensure the system gives administrator the ability to manage governance and set permissions for accessing your legal software application.

Stay Better Informed

Find out how you can streamline your case file management process.