Travel & Hospitality Software Solutions

From hotel and flight booking to apps that let your customers avail taxi and concierge  services, we provide a range of custom software solutions for your airline, hotel, cruise or tour company 

Web and Mobile Apps for Hospitality

Quality of service and comfort defines the hospitality industry. We understand the importance of an amazing user experience when providing a service.  


We develop airline booking and ticketing software that lets your travellers reserve seats, make payments and get confirmation from your personalised responsive website and mobile app.  



Our team is experienced in designing beautiful websites and easy-to-use room booking software that allows guests to get a clear picture in terms of availability while providing real-time reservation and confirmation.


Personalise your hotel’s marketing and retention. Leverage the power of Chatbots to give your guests a more engaging experience to get specific information via conversations and eventually increase revenue.


Puts your travel agents and guests on a platform that lets them search, select and book cruise deals online. Allowing tour operators to check availability, see deck plans and cabin inventories.

Taxi Booking and Tracking Apps

At Clavis we have developedWe’ve developed taxi booking apps like Uber that allow riders to order vehicles with drivers quickly and easily at any time of the day. Tracking the location of the taxi and estimating the time of arrival. Tight payment gateway integrations give the flexibility to pay by card, cash, e-money or mobile money. Riders can see high demand variable rates in the app, track the live ride even after its begun, and give ratings with a review at the end of the ride.

Our platform provides drivers the ability to view rider requests, accept them, view rider location, start and stop trips, and see their account balance. Ability to upload documents for verification, track the number of rides completed and more. While Administrators can setup different vehicle types, assign rates, add drivers, set verifications, view ratings, assist with disputes, view transactions, revenue, track vehicles and much more. Contact us for a demo and get your taxi app made today.

Featured Projects

Website Design and Development 

The hospitality booking industry has completely transformed over the last decade. Most travellers look for the perfect combination of facilities, comfort, price and ratings online. A well designed websites and mobile application for your hotel, cruise company or airline service is a very powerful way of creating a long lasting and favourable impression on visitors. With that, we add an amazing user experience that lets you see a measured improvement in guests choosing you.

Hotel and Flight Booking

Track and manage reservations at a glimpse. Hotels can track details of who has booked which room on what dates and the status of their check-in or check-out. Our user friendly solutions for hotel and flight booking let guests see available rooms or seats and allow them to make reservations directly on your website.Our hotel and flight management system lets you add categories give differential pricing, view status and send auto-notifications for booking and confirmation.

Chatbot for Concierge Services

Providing hotels with real-time direct support to increase room bookings, the Chatbot helps guests make reservations on your website with easy interactions. Increase conversion rate by providing a personalised experience with quick turn around and responses at any time of the day or night. From booking assistance to suggesting eateries nearby, your Chatbot delivers a unique personalised journey to guests based on their preferences.

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