TABiT – Content Workflow Made Easy

As a publisher, creative agency or marketing team, you have to manage large amounts of content that needs to reach your readers and customers quickly with high impact. TABiT helps you do just that! 

The Core of TABiT

Powerful Asset Management

When your content creators, managers and administrators start using TABiT, they will be able to work with a wide range of content and file types such as text, images, data, interactive and videos. Our powerful asset management solution lets your organise and identified files so it can be easily searched, organised and accessed as needed. Version control, user access management, calendars, OCR, full text search and custom dashboards give you a flexible digital asset management system.  

Automated Workflow

Once all your content is tagged and stored in TABiT’s digital asset management system, it brings all users from the creators and reviewers to the designer and management on a single platform that allows them to interact with these files collaboratively. A status-based workflow with a powerful review tools allows effective routing of content with a holistic review and approval cycle. Tracking the status of each project, campaign or asset becomes easy, and project managers make sure that they can deliver status reports quickly to management.

Secure Content Transformation

Streamlining content management gives you the ability to push content to multiple media. Delivering the final published content securely in multiple formats such as PDF, HTML and ePub to print and digital devices with a powerful Digital Rights Manager (DRM). The DRM restricts unauthorised distribution of your proprietary content. The complete process of transforming the content to reach devices that your audience accesses with well-formatted high-fidelity design is where TABiT lets you deliver effectively.

 Robust Analytics

Get a wide range of reports at the click of a button. TABiT shows you detailed usage or each asset and stakeholder, providing a comprehensive audit trail including login and logout times. Who approved which asset with a timestamp of each stage of the workflow. Finally integrations to collect data regarding the a wide range of analytics from third party tools like Google DFP. 

Customised for Your Organisation

TABiT’s core engine is sturdy and highly scalable. Over the last few years we have customised this amazing piece of software and executed it across various domains including publishers, consultancy firms, legal firms, services and government

Book Publishing

With TABiT Books, you get your personalised eStore and Apps so customers can buy and read your publications and digital books on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. All this with a secure DRM that reduces unauthorised distribution of your intellectual property 

Consultancy Firms

Automate the creation of research reports into professional design layouts with TABiT. Leverage review capabilities, reduce human error, get a faster time-to-market, and give your customers access to information via mobile apps anywhere anytime.

Law Firms

Provide clients with the latest case information and allowing them to upload relevant documents. Make sure your firm has a have a track of the history and status of each case with complete transparency in a secure system. TABiT releases up time for firms to focus on growth.


Going paper-free and consolidating all debates, bills, documents on a single platform. Recording debates are merged and served to members of parliament on their digital devices for review and adding notes in a professional easy to read format with a very high level of security.  

TABiT For You

Get in touch with us to understand which version of TABiT is right for your business.