linkz – bringing print to life

A trigger-agnostic platform that connects print or offline products to online content to engage and support your customers


A traditional print and packaging company wanted to provide more value to customers who were using their services. Giving their customers something more that would bring their products to life and stand apart from the their competitors in the eyes of the consumer. The idea of allowing consumers to interact with the package came to mind and the discussion began on how they can bring the idea to life with easy-to-use technology.    


A platform that allows companies to plan a campaign, use the Linkz microsite builder to create content or upload existing videos and link them to visible or invisible codes. When the artwork is designed, the QR / EAN barcode or invisible Digimarc barcodes are added in that connects to the Linkz platform. Printed packages when scanned by consumers shows designated content to engage them as part of their campaign providing companies with measurable real-time interaction tracking and reports allowing them to modify or update content as required for better impact.    


The Linkz technology is now used across multiple formats including packaging, direct mail, greeting cards and publishing. Their customers from a wide range of industries have been using the Linkz platform in marketing campaigns for brand promotion, user-specific content personalisation, product support when selling complex products that require technical datasheets and tracking products from production to PoS for brand protection. This has made them one of the go to technology companies for interactive print and packaging.

We wanted to be more than just a vendor for our customers and help them create a deeper connect while letting them judge what content works best. Clavis did what we needed really well and made it technologically possible with their understanding of the printing industry that became an important aspect in making it work seamlessly.