Zyra – an advanced home services Chatbot

A highly advanced chatbot that schedules appointments, guiding home owners to the best contractors, capturing customer leads, helping handymen get good reviews on their work while ensuring customers get high quality service with the right price each time.


Home owners in the US have always faced a lot of pains when it comes to house maintenance. At the same time services sector entrepreneurs know that the home service industry comes with low margins and high customer acquisition cost. Today there are a number of online aggregators who connect home owners with service professionals. But customers want better and more verified service at a time convenient to them, while handymen want more leads in their area.


Zyra, an advanced home services chatbot that engages with home owners that have trouble with their facilities. It schedules appointments, guides customers to leave reviews, handles multiple incoming leads, captures them, routes leads to the relevant experts and provides the options back to the home owner. All this with no hands – just an AI engine that’s awake 24/7. What’s better, its dynamic API allows Zyra to integrate with any website.


Zyra is being used by a number of home service providers via their online portals who have experienced fantastic ROI. Increased page interactions, page times and decreased bounce rates have resulted in a 22% overall increase in web traffic, a 67% increase in lead conversions and  an 82% increase in revenue.

When we spoke with contractors, we learnt that they had a huge gap in capturing and catering to leads. Clavis helped us build Zyra who interacts with home owners, eliminates form fills and has helped our partners triple their  conversion rates. Today Zyra has become the backbone of our business and we know there is no looking back.

Brian Scruggs

VP - Marketing, Zyrahome