Manohar filaments – clothing label automation

This solution that automates tag and label design for multiple brands based on the country and requirements while following the high standards set by each organisation.  


Manohar Filaments provides tags and labels to some of the leading apparel brands including H&M, Zara, Benetton, M&S, Adidas and GAP amongst others . These large brands are distributed in multiple counties that require custom tags based on the branding and national standards that need to be followed. Creating each tag manually based on the number of brands and multiple sizes and marks takes a long time and the variation per county leads to a lot of errors.


This solution automates the tag and label design based on the country and brand. The specifications are pulled from a content management server and placed in the Adobe InDesign layout automatically.   


While providing a complete array of production solutions for branding needs from hangtags to packaging, the solution helped them achieve quick tag design based on presets with huge error reduction. This also allowed Manohar Filaments to take on more projects, provide live previews to the customers, deliver them in shorter timelines and get faster approvals for production.