chaimojis – an emoji keyboard and sticker pack

A specialty sticker keyboard with emoji, chai and holiday-themed static and animated stickers that you can easily add to all your everyday chats.


Brooke Bond wanted to improve the reach of their brand Red Label in a modern yet traditional way that would engage with the Indian community in the US while putting across their message of making conversations that celebrate togetherness with family and friends.


Chaimojis, a specialty emoji keyboard with over 40 emoji, chai and holiday-themed stickers for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices was created for users to add to everyday chats. Traditionally designed stickers by Mikado International like chai and biscuits, hennaed thumbs up and even animated fireworks to wish Diwali to loved ones were made to create a deeper relationship with the traditional and modern Indian community.  


The Chaimojis apps along with the iOS sticker pack was a huge hit with all age groups. The teams at Unilever and Mikado International were very happy with way users were sharing the stickers that embodied elements of the Brooke Bond Red Label brand. Huge spikes during festival season added the impact of celebrating togetherness with family and friends.

As a marketing partner of Unilever, we were looking for a good technology company that could help us take this idea and put it in the hands of Indians in the US who are highly family oriented, celebrate traditional festivals like Diwali and love to communicate pictorially. Clavis achieved just that with the Chimojis sticker app.   

Brooke Hinkle

Chief Creative Officer, Mikado International