campaign creator – intelligent quotation system

An intelligent quotation system that lets the sales team of a leading newspaper publisher create proposals on the fly by selecting multiple permutations and combinations for immediate results.


With over 100 newspaper titles and associated websites, the sales team had a huge challenge of manually calculating the price to create a campaign that suited their customers. Pricing being variable is based on multiple parameters such as volume, title, website, category, made it a very time staking process to create each variation of a quote with multiple titles. Calculating the reach to show an ROI was hard enough. Plus there was little visibility to management on what was working in each region.


A web based intelligent quotation system that allowed sales teams to select multiple print or digital titles, along with the various parameters based on which the pricing was auto-calculated and displayed. The pricing control team administered the cost of each title and with their control panel, could change pricing, add promotions, create contracts, approve discounts and see performance of each user, team, region and country to provide reports to management. The complete solution was tied into SalesForce to import and export opportunities.


Now sales reps give multiple options to clients while showing them a clear ROI in terms of reach for the print editions and impressions or eye-balls for the digital display ads. Being able to give on the spot options helped closing deals faster. Along with that, it let teams manage the best promotions, premiums and discounts that are working. Tight integration with SalesForce made sure the opportunities were passed on, tracked and converted. Reports allow pricing control to take data driven decisions quickly on what is working best in each region and implement pricing strategies across teams that lead to higher revenue generation and accountability.