Remote Diesel Generator Monitoring

An IoT-based intelligent remote monitoring platform that effectively monitors and reduces the operational costs of diesel generators.


Managing the operational costs of a diesel generator requires regular gathering and analysis of multiple parameters such as fuel and coolant level, engine RPM and temperature, running hours, pilferage, and capacity utilization. Gathering all this data manually is a significant challenge for any individual or business, and faults or pilferages are often detected in the case of need, leading to frequent generator downtime and an escalation in running costs—especially if multiple generators are involved.


The Smart diesel generator monitoring solution is an effective way to address the challenges faced while providing uninterrupted power supply to individuals and businesses. The app provides real-time analytics to save diesel generator operational and maintenance costs using data gathered from IoT-driven sensors to monitor vital parameters and pilferage. With an easy-to-understand interface and the associated mobile app, the smart diesel generator monitoring system provides real-time remote generator monitoring, improved Genset reliability, and reduced pilferage, resulting in lower operational costs and better resource utilization.


Using the Smart Diesel generator monitoring solution results in reduced workforce requirements, lower CO2 emissions, improved genset performance, lower maintenance and fuel costs and an overall reduction in emergency power generation costs per genset.

Our resource centre uses a combination of gensets from Cat, Generac, and Cummins. We had many problems with pilferage and overall genset running cost per hour, impacting our bottom line. Using the intelligent diesel generator monitoring solution has resulted in over 20% savings in running costs per hour—helping us meet our energy savings and CO2 emissions targets for 2022!