schoolshare – an amazing school management solution

A platform that keeps parents, teachers and the school management connected with ease of communication and consolidated information about the school and students at your finger tips  


In most schools, parents are always kept in the dark regarding their child’s performance either till something extraordinary occurs, or till they attend the parent teacher meeting. On the other hand, schools don’t necessarily have concrete data that drives decisions for each student let alone the entire school which makes it challenging to instill confidence in parents as to whether or not the best options are being given to the children.  


School Share, a powerful management and communication software with apps that let schools connect with students, parents and teachers. Quick access lets everyone get information on the latest news, events, circulars, notifications, rewards, attendance, marks, student performance and more with detailed dashboards for each user so they can see reports and analytics based on their access be to for a specific student, class, section, wing or the entire school with a comparison option to take better informed decisions for future improvement. 


Thousands of teachers and parents form a number of schools use SchoolShare to manage timetables, view student attendance, leave management, handling examinations, track conduct, add news, update events, push notifications and much more. While the school management got a clear picture on the overall performance and have improved various aspects to keep them at the top.

We worked with very closely with Clavis to build SchoolShare, and they did an amazing job in creating the entire platform, backend and mobile apps that are used by thousands of teachers and parents who love using the apps and stay connected with their schools   

Guneet Saraon

Founder, SchoolShare