Mauritius National Assembly goes Paperless

A streamlined process with the use of our home grown solution TABiT, gave an estimated saving of thousands of man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to the MNA


Prior to assembly meets, members are handed documents, bills, agendas adding up to over a couple of thousand pages per meeting, for review and preparation. Printing and fixing errors lead up to a few hours of rework. Last minute changes in the agenda, and delivering the updated files was a logistic nightmare. During the debate, all details are recorded, typed out in Microsoft Word, merged and formatting into high quality page layouts that is a very tedious process.


Digitising the backlog and making all documents available instantly on the iPad of each member is what we achieved with TABiT. Members no longer have to carry and handle a stack of papers, mark reviews on paper, worry about mismanaged, misplaced documents or last minute agenda changes. The inbuilt annotation features of TABiT made it easy to review files and save comments. Searching for a specific file or viewing archived debate information is now available at a touch of the screen. TABiT simplified the layout formatting process by automatically merging the multiple Microsoft Word files and laying them out in QuarkXPress. The solution also organises agendas with reminders and notifications of any updates in the schedule.


TABiT made it possible to cut down the formatting time by 95% and move to a paper-free environment. Huge amounts of time and money were saved by reducing hours of printing, stacking, checking, re-printing, binding and delivering documents. All documents are available instantly on the Apple® iPad® of each member. This gives them the ability to review content and track agendas any time from anywhere – saving time and reducing errors.

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