Intelligent Fleet Tracking

Transforming the legacy transportation and logistics industry with efficiency, productivity, and reliability.


Traditional logistics and transport businesses use archaic manual processes that are not transparent and often lead to delays in delivery and loss of revenue. Additionally, these manual processes and lack of actionable data cause logistics companies millions of dollars in additional fleet maintenance, fines, and reduced customer loyalty.


Our fleet tracking system helps fleet owners and administrators access the right data at the right time, helping them make informed business decisions. This tracking and management system empowers fleets by ensuring vehicles are always roadworthy, their drivers drive safely and use the best routes possible to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent wear. The system features intelligent GPS/Cellular tracking, geo-fencing, in-dash and around-vehicle loop recording, route replay, driver behaviour analysis, driver training, and intelligent, AI-driven notifications. Open APIs also help RST’s fleet tracking system connect to third-party systems for sharing intelligence and integration with your existing ERP solutions.


The intelligent fleet management and tracking system reduces fuel consumption and pilferage and drops vehicle maintenance costs by a third. This leads to reduced operational costs, better scalability, viable growth projections, and a stronger bottom line for logistics.

Seeing our revenue loss per kilometre due to archaic processes and standalone legacy software was jaw-dropping. We’re now reducing costs, making money with every new shipment, and deliver more efficiently and reliably than ever!