Intuitive, More Interactive & Monetized, How App Development is Transforming in 2016!

Intuitive, More Interactive & Monetized, How App Development is Transforming in 2016!

2015 was a year of transformation as in-app purchases and advertising proved to be the two major ways of generating revenue for the mobile apps. We are eight months into 2016 and we already see apps becoming more intuitive, interactive and monetized.

  1. SWIFT – The New Programming Language: This latest programming language from Apple. inc. and is considered to be the future as it allows coders to code more comfortably, claims to be faster than the Objective C and can be used for a both platforms – Watch-OS and iOS.
  2. Demand for Mobile App Security: Security is major issues faced by app developers as a majority of apps fail to meet the basic security measures. This failure leads to developers dedicating a major share of their time in resolving security concerns, keeping all their work aside. As iOS9 has strict security parameters, developers have to work hard in order to make sure that their apps run smoothly on iOS. Till now, Android did not have such strict security measures but after the release of marshmallow or android 6.0 the security measures will get advanced. This means that if you want your app to run successfully on any of the other platform, then you need to ensure security.
  3. Compatible with Wearable Technology: Wearable technology today is supplementing mobile technology especially after the launch of smart-watches. Almost every feature is offered by wearable technology gadgets, so it is has become very important for the developers to design apps with a vision of compatibility with these wearables.
  4. Payment and Banking through Mobile Phones: These days online banking has become a common process. This comes with a good opportunity for developers to work on m-payment models and service a new demand. By the end of this year, these apps are expected to start replacing plastic cards.
  5. Internet of things: Internet of Things is creating a lot of buzz in the market these days and is going to rule the internet in the coming years. With it’s help, user will be able to operate electronic devices via smartphones and without the requirement of having to handle them individually.
  6. Rise of Enterprise Apps: With the availability of apps that are compatible with various devices, enterprises are cashing in every opportunity to extract the best out of these apps. Companies are always ready to pay more for enterprise apps as it hits their bottom line. 2016 is expected to have more of enterprise apps which will help early movers stay ahead of competition.
  7. The Era of M-Commerce: If you want to pay your mobile bill, electricity bill, surf the net for online purchase, book tickets for movie or even railways, all you need is your mobile phone. With just a tap many of your daily tasks are easily completed while saving you a lot of time. Today, apps are secure and user-friendly so users can engage in mobile banking, online payment and other personal transactions with convenience.
  8. More ‘free apps’: Most mobile apps are free and the number is expected to grow exponentially this year. A lot of developers will minimize the number of ads in their app and will replace them with in-app purchases. The in-app purchase will not only be comfortable for the users but will also be more sustainable for the businesses.
  9. Better user experience: UX is becoming the kesystone of successful apps. With better functionality and a range of online tools, developers can provide much better user experience to their patrons.

With huge advances in technology, the trend of app development is going to reach new heights to transform the landscape of online access. 

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