mauritius research repository

A centralised repository that helped the MRC foster, promote and coordinate better research and development in all spheres of scientific, technological, social and economic activities.


One of the goals of the Mauritius Research Council (MRC) is to create awareness, disseminate and increase visibility of research works to the general public. As the MRC advises the government on all matters concerning scientific and technological policies, they wanted to cater to the existing and anticipated research outputs that would lead to innovation and commercialisation and provide easy access to a wider audience.


We built a solution called the Mauritius Research Repository (MRR) allowing MRC to provide increased visibility and a knowledge sharing platform for researchers, innovators and experts from both the public and private sector. Research material in a wide array of formats including reports, publications, datasets, videos and audio files are now available online with fast and easy access to relevant digital content.


An online open access collection of research projects, reports, presentations, publications, scholarly contents, media and other research works related to the Republic of Mauritius. The MRC has the ability to give access and publish research material as needed. Researchers can access the platform and upload content. While everyone can search and download research with easy to use advanced search and filters.
The MRC was very impressed with the way the MRR was developed by the team at Clavis. As partners who have done a lot of work for the Mauritius Government, we are glad to have such a strong relationship with them.
Vimal Bhylagee

Solutions Architect, HMT